Three for the Price of One

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Don’s away again, for two weeks. Nothing happens on the first. The second week finds Stan, Brian (with an "i") and myself available on the Wednesday. Forecast was pretty good. Who minds 4 degrees on top if you have good visibility? I’d never met Brian before so there were some new tales. Stan was able to treat Brian as a new pair of ears. “Have I told you this before?” didn’t come into it.

We parked at Hartsop where a few others had the same idea.

Stan recommended walking up to Dove Crag. One of his favourite hidden valleys. We’d last been 29th October 2015. There’s a nice stream for a while then a farmyard, then not too steep a climb.

A lot of work has gone into providing some fine steps creating a stairway on the last few hundred feet to the top. So, relatively easy.

Once on top, it’s getting more claggy. Stan asks if we’d like to see the Priest Hole.

We looked. We went this way, and that way. Someone had knicked it. We couldn’t find it so we carried on up to the top of Dove Crag. Cold, poor visibility. Not a place to stay.

We dropped down to Scandale Pass and had our lunch. It was then a gradual drop back down having opted out of the opportunity to add Red Screes and Middle Dodd. Blame my knee.

So a fairly uneventful but enjoyable walk, followed by a good pint at the award winning newly refurbished Queens Head at Troutbeck.

Dropping Stan off in Kendal we noticed the fair had arrived. Parked of course over the new grass. Unbelievable. See Westmorland Gazette [users of Internet Explorer may have problems with this link].

Whilst this was the only BB walk, I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of two BB’s on the Tuesday and Thursday either side of the walk. Tuesday saw Terry and I at Carvetii Coffee, Threlkeld. A prize I’d bought at a charity do. And what an education. Almost three hours just talking about growing, shipping, roasting, barista-ing, state of the business, (2nd biggest traded commodity in the world after oil), and of course sampling. I even got a useful lesson on my Chemex system. If you like your coffee, it’s recommended. I’m only buying beans from now on.

Thursday saw Tony and I in the pursuit of more Lady Anne knowledge. We’d heard that the Keep at Appleby Castle was now open. BB’s had visited last on BB1422 .

So we thought it must be improved from last time. £22 per couple (Tony and I a couple? Well if it saves £3, yes.) But sadly it was a joke. One room, the Great Hall, and one small storeroom in the base of the keep. Here we were inflicted with trying on various helmets through the ages. I have to say the guy who showed us round was knowledgeable, historical and hysterical. He does re-enactments. But the owner wants a reality check. We was done. But readers,  don’t be too sympathetic. We Meade up for our disappointment with a good steak pie at the Tufton Arms, and decided to do a tour of Brougham Castle. Another connection with Lady Anne of course. I’d always thought it was pronounced BROWAM or BRUFFAM. And I’d always wondered why I couldn’t find BROOM Castle before.

Mike, May 2018



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Stan, Mike, Brian

Map : Anquet Harvey's 1:25k


BB1814 : Three for the Price of One


Wednesday 9th May 2018 (± a day)


Dove Crag, Carvetti Coffee, Appleby Castle

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Brian, Mike, Stan ( + Terry & + Tony)

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