BB1821 : We Few, We Happy Few

Thursday 5th July 2018

Lots of people had excuses this week.

For example, I had gone to Crete for some cool weather.

Only Tony provided an honorable reason.  He told me:

"I doubt if I'll be available; it's my first blood bike shift tonight, 7pm to 2am, and I'll probably still be asleep at 9 am."

Stan, Stuart and Mike T, however, were prepared to brave the heat.

Mike relates what happened:

We assembled at The Rifleman’s at 9.15 am, but we hadn’t accounted for so many parking restrictions for Stuart’s car, so after Stuart and Stan had intrepidly circumnavigated the green it was decided to park just below Serpentine Woods before setting off up the “Tram Way” towards Kendal golf course circa 10.00 am. There was only one golfer spotted; we did however, on the walk, see one greater spotted and one green woodpecker, plus two people who apparently used to work at Provincial/Prolific; there again hasn’t nearly everyone! The views from the Cunswick end of the scar were so captivating we all forgot to take a photo and so then proceeded south, deep in conversation about all the usual, but none the less enthralling, trivia of life and quite often about how friends and acquaintances had dodged inevitable demise from some affliction. There was little chance of us dicing with death on this intrepid adventure, even the dogs we encountered were generally ambivalent to our presence.

The Mushroom was reached with little trauma and again we admired the view and discussed how parched the landscape is, the conversation being too deep and meaningful to take a picture of a view, with which you will all be too familiar. We then pushed onto the summit (trig point) and the elation was such that cameras still didn’t emerge. The descent was via the old racecourse and Stan recanted all the past winners. We then received Robin’s email saying he wasn’t able to make it, due to the pressure of gardening. Suddenly we decided some pictures were worth taking, of less familiar views whilst walking The Scar.

The well trodden route of Brigsteer Road was taken back into Kendal and we eventually gravitated to The Mason’s Arms, Stramongate, at 1.00 pm, for a pint and burger, (the Loweswater Gold was off; what horror) in the now quite tedious sunshine, before wending our separate ways.

 Mike, Thursday 5th July 2018




When Mike first told me his title for the report, I though the heat had got to him and that he had said:

"We Phew, We Happy Phew!"

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Comitibus: Stan, Mike, Stuart

Map : OS 1:50k


BB1821 : We Few, We Happy Few


Thursday 5th July 2018


Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



Mike T, Stan, Stuart

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