BB1822 : It's Coming Home.  Not!

Wednesday 11th July 2018

It’s coming home

It’s coming home…

"Sshhh" the boys said.  

"Don’t get excited.  Remember Cups for Cock-ups?"

Yes, I do remember; it was a book about my team, Manchester City and how things didn't exactly go right for them in a previous era.

Today there would be Cockups but not, we prayed, please not on the pitch.


There could have been a cockup at the outset as I nearly went to Cockup which is not where we wanted to be.  It was the wrong Cockup.  No adjective.  We needed to go and park at Orthwaite where a decision had to be made.  Did we want a Little Cockup followed by a Great Cockup?  No thanks, one is enough for a day so let’s make it a big one and get it out of the way.

Climbing Great Cockup.  Blencathra peeping to left.  Bakestall and Skiddaw to right.

Stan, Mike and I charged up said Great Cockup then on to Meal Fell and Great Sca Fell.  The weather was mercifully more like an English summer than the baking ones that recently we have been enjoying / suffering (delete as appropriate).  The normally boggy ground was as dry as our garden.

Blencathra from Knott

We had made such fast progress that adding the bonus peak of Knott was a no-brainer.  Stan and I were both wearing gilets- the nearest thing we had to emulate Gareth’s waistcoats.  Was that the secret of our speed?


We even considered a further, and more extensive, detour to Great Calva but decided against it as for some reason we didn’t want to be too late coming home, coming home, BOOTboys coming home for….. Sshhh, don’t get excited.  

Back we went to Great Sca Fell and Brae Fell, twitting Tony by text that we were lunching at noon.  It was a bit of a surprise to discover he was in Appleby visiting his other woman.   I thought he would be resting after his blood-biking stint but no; Lady Ann Clifford had spoken.  Don’t worry, Pat, he’s coming home, he’s coming home…..

It wasn’t until we reached Longlands Fell (Wainwright number 7 for the day although one of them, Great Sca Fell, was visited twice) that we did actually stop, braving the enormous flies we had seen on the hill.

Skiddaw, glimpse of Bassenthwaite, then Over Water and Binsey

Criffel, Scotland

It had been a grand day on the fells, despite some huge pesky insects, but the road slog back to the car slightly took the edge off it.  

I phoned Margaret to tell here we were off the fells and coming home.  "He's coming home, he's coming home, BOOTboy's coming home" the others sang, drowning out my message.

We travelled south, noticing how low Thirlmere was.  Hosepipe bans soon?

"We’re coming home, we’re coming home" we sang then thought better of it and stopped off at the Brewery in Staveley to fortify ourselves for the battle ahead.

"It’s coming home, it’s coming home" we now sang with gusto as we reached Kendal.  

It’s coming home,
It’s coming home,
Football’s coming home.

But it didn't.

Don, Wednesday 11th July 2018



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Spotting Killian

Bryan was out on Sunday.  He started from Eskdale and did Slight Side / Scafell / Scafell Pike / Esk Pike and back down. On the way, he saw a long-standing record smashed.

I was chatting to a bloke on Scafell who was doing a recce for his Bob Graham 42 peaks attempt next week. I'd heard Killian Jornet (best mountain runner in the world) was in the Lakes, potentially having a go at Billy Bland's 30 year old BG record.  The chap said he was actually doing it that day.

When we got to Mickledore I saw a bloke with a camera with a massive telephoto lens. I asked if he was there for KJ.  He said that he was and that KJ was on his way.

Twenty minutes later near the top of Scafell Pike, four runners appeared, one of whom was Killian. They flew past and we watched them make light work of scrambing up Broad Stand. KJ is the one in the middle of the three runners in my photo:

The Bob Graham report tells you how he got on. Suffice to say he smashed mine and Stan's times!

Bryan, Tuesday 10th July 2018

Comitibus: Stan, Mike, Don


Map : Harveys 1:25k


BB1822 : It's Coming Home.  Not!


Wednesday 11th July 2018


Great Cockup, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott,

Great Sca Fell (again), Brae Fell, Longlands Fell

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:


GPX track



Don, Mike T, Stan

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