BB1824 : You Can Linger Longer In The Lingy

Wednesday 25th July 2018

I don’t recall ever coming across the word “Apronful” before.  In fact, I wondered if I had misread it and it actually said “A pronful”.  However I could find no explanation of what a “pronful” might be.  On the other hand, an Apronful sounds like an apron that is full.  And that is more or less what it means- the quantity that can be held in an apron.

Even with that knowledge, it seemed a strange thing to call our parking place.  I did find on the internet a few other Apronfuls in northern hills but they were all associated with tales of the devil undertaking some major building project and tripping up, only to deposit his apronful of stones.  I could see why such a connotation might be attributed to our start point but it didn’t seem at all sinister.

This was to be a linear walk so a degree of car shuffling was needed before the seven of us were ready to set off up the steep climb up Carrock Fell.

This summer’s draught had left the track exceedingly dry, the surface behaving like ball-bearings, so great care had to be taken on the way up to prevent an involuntary quick way down.

There are said to be the remains of an iron age fort at the summit and certainly there appeared to be a ring of stones.  However, I was more interested to see if we could espy Bowscale Tarn which had remained hidden from view on BB1819 when we climbed Bowscale.  We could see where it would be, in a hanging valley but only the tiniest glimpse of the water could be seen.  

A direct route to the tarn needs to be taken although Bryan tells me there are some “interesting” ways out of the basin.

Next port of call was the Lingy Hut which we could see in the distance.  Stan was cross with me because I took a direct route across the bog thereby reducing the mileage that could be claimed for the day.   However the ground was so dry that I thought that the bog would present no problems which would mean I could get to our lunch stop all the sooner.  I was right!

The Lingy Hut is a well maintained small bothy.  

There is, inevitably, some graffiti from previous visitors.  

One in particular caught my eye.  It was a quite tasteful mountain scene but overlooking it was something strange.

Had the artist drawn it?  Was it an unnoticed the knott in the wood?

Or is this where the Apronful Devil is hiding?


Outside the sun was shining but I felt it a little too cold and ate my butties inside in the warm.  We had no time pressures so, undisturbed by devils, we lingered longer in the Lingy than perhaps we should have done.

From there it was easy going along the Cumbria Way to reach the top of High Pike, where the memorial seat still sits proudly.  I wanted to upgrade to 7 my "4 Poofs and a Piano" photo of 2006 but the stone shelter behind was heaving with hornets. Fortunately no-one was stung but here was not a place where we wanted to linger long and you will have do make do with a picture of just four BOOTboys holding hands instead.



It was then a gentle descent to Nether Gill with its entertaining sign “Please don’t feed our horses no matter what they say”.  On the track towards Hesket Newmarket we met a farmer driving a fine flock of sheep.  They were an obscure cross breed and try as I might I can’t remember the breed.  I even concocted a mnemonic so that wouldn’t forget but I have.

Hesket Newmarket turned out to be a disappointment for two reasons.  Firstly the twelve sided building I had been looking forward to seeing was covered with scaffolding.  Clearly some major works taking place.

Secondly the Old Crown was shut which came as a great surprise as I was sure that I had read on the internet that it was open all day.  Indeed that was the reason why I had planned the walk to end here so that the boys could relax whilst the drivers brought the cars.  However it was not open.  Or to be more precise, a secondary door was open but there was clearly nobody in on either side of the bar. The friendly landlady upstairs heard our commotion and didn’t seem to mind too much that we had disturbed her afternoon snooze.  It became clear that either I had looked at the wrong webpage or had had a senior moment as quite clearly their page showed a 5:30 opening time which was a pity.

Instead we shuffled cars and ended up at the Mill Inn at Mungrisdale where we had been on BB1819.  Here the pub was open and quite busy but the barman was distinctly unfriendly.  So at which would you prefer to linger longer- a closed pub with a friendly barmaid or an open pub with a grump behind the bar?  Hobson’s choice.  Unless you want to go back up to the Lingy.

Don, Thursday 19th July 2018

PS.  One strange fact to add.  As implied earlier, the fell was quite remarkably dry however on the descent we came across (literally) a stream that was flowing brightly and  then later, when driving between “watering holes”, we had to cross a ford that lived up to its name.



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The sheep were Texel Cross


Thanks Bryan.  I still can't remember my mnemonic but I know you are right!

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Comitibus: Terry, Stan, Bryan, John, Don, Brian, Tony

Map : OS 1:50k


BB1824 : You Can Linger Longer In The Lingy


Wednesday 25th July 2018


Carrock Fell, High Pike, Lingy Hut

Distance in miles:


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GPX track



Brian, Bryan, Don, John, Stan, Terry, Tony


If you want to know which BOOTboys reports refer to having visited any particular Wainwright or certain other tops, see BOOTboys Hill Log.

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