BB1831 : The Kingfisher Flusher

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Very high waves with long overhanging crests; foam in great patches blown in dense white streaks along the direction of the wind; the surface of the sea taking on a white appearance; the rolling of the sea becoming heavy; visibility affected. That is the official description of what you can expect at sea when a storm arrives.

What can you expect when the storm hits land?  In our case it was lunch in the Hare & Hounds at Levens, washed down by a couple of pints of best.  Whilst James plus Mikes B & T supped with me, outside was a torrential downpour and a screaming wind.

Fortunately, as predicted, the rain stopped and the wind lost much of its enthusiasm other than in short gusts.  It was still strong enough, however, to speed us through the village and up the hill to Helsington's lonely St John's Church.

Looking back to Morecambe Bay

Coniston Old Man in cloud

I had half hoped that at least one of my companions had not been there previously so that I could show them Marion de Samuarez' magnificent wall painting behind the altar but they had all seen it.  Instead, we crossed the fields and dropped down to Sizergh Castle.

Natland and the Helm

Sizergh Castle in the trees

Here, no attempt at a cultural stop was made.  We were on a mission to return Mike T to his home by 4:30.  Consequently we carried on down to the River Kent.  I had worried as to how the footbridge would perform in a 60 mile an hour breeze but it is quite sheltered down there and we had no problem.

A little further upstream, Mike T asked if we had seen the Kingfisher.  I hadn’t and I don’t think the others had either.  He said that it had just flown into some bushes on the other side of the river.  He added that he would go down to the banking to flush it out so that we could all see it.  I was quite dubious about this.  I know that Stan is a Dog Whistler but I have never known anyone be a Kingfisher Flusher before.

He set off down the banking so I took my camera out to take a picture of him setting off down the banking.  As I was taking the shot he pointed and called out “There it is.”  Mike B saw it.  James saw it.  I didn’t.  All I had seen was the tiny screen on the back of my camera.  However tonight when I processed the photos what should I see in the picture but that bird.  The Kingfisher Flusher had lived up to his name.

OK, the picture above is heavily doctored but if you click on it you will see the original, the only amendment being a pointer so you can follow the finger to the fleeting flash of a flushed 'fisher in flight, flitting swiftly downstream.

We arrived back in Natland earlier than anticipated so there was time to reward the Flusher appropriately at the Post Office café.  

And what would that be?  Kingsized Fried Fillet of Fish?  No, that was lunch time.

Don, Wednesday 19th September 2018



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You did well to capture the kingfisher in flight.


I was going to say that it was a fluke but that is a fish, not a bird, so that excuse is a flounder. Aagghh.  So is that!


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Comitibus:  James, Mike T, Mike B, Don

Map : OS 1:50k


BB1831 : The Kingfisher Flusher


Wednesday 19th September 2018



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Don, James, Mike B, Mike T


If you want to know which BOOTboys reports refer to having visited any particular Wainwright or certain other hills, see BOOTboys Hill Log.

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