BB1840 : 0h! 0h! 0h! Santa's Gone Missing

Wednesday 19th December 2018

Hello Children.  I want you to be very brave because I have some sad news for you.  We can’t find Father Christmas.  Santa’s gone missing. We did try to find him.  In fact, we tried very hard.  But he is nowhere to be seen- not the real one.

Uncle Robin, who lives near to him at Clapham, phoned to let us know and asked if we could mount a search party.  So nine of us arrived early this morning to start looking.  Auntie Ionna greeted us.  She said that she had made Santa’s breakfast as usual but, as he wasn’t there, would we like to eat it?  Well, you can guess the answer.  Yes Please!  No wonder Santa is so fat; there were enough sausages and Christmas cake to feed us all! Delicious.

We set off up the hill, checking all the time to make sure he hadn’t fallen into Clapham Beck.  He hadn’t.  We hoped that he might have returned to his cave.  He hadn’t.  It was all locked up and looking very sad.  0h 0h 0h!

We carried on up the Trow Gill canyon, wondering if he had fallen on the steep rocky path.  He wasn’t there.  

We were now getting very worried.  Had he fallen down into the Gaping Gill pothole?  

Uncle Bryan was brave and crept very close to the edge to take this photo:

As you can see, the hole is very deep and wet but there was neither sight nor sound of Santa.

The search party decided to split up.  Four Uncles had to be home early so they returned to Clapham by the long track called Long Lane under Thwaite Scars.  The six remaining Uncles wondered if he had climbed Ingleborough.  We couldn’t see the top.  It was in cloud.  Was Santa in trouble in the mist?  We had to find out.  As we climbed higher it became very cold.  There was a strong wind which made it even colder. If he were up here, at least he had his belly to keep him well insulated!

The mist cleared when we reached the top.  

And then it clouded over again.  We could see a shape moving towards us. Was it Santa on a reindeer?  Sadly not.  As the shape emerged we could see that it was a man on a bicycle.

Then it cleared again and we could see a long way but there was no sign of Santa.

We made our way down past Crina Bottom.....

..... then along Fell Lane.

In Ingleton there is a pub called the Mason’s Arms where there is a picture of Rudolph’s grandfather on the wall.  

We wondered if Santa might have popped in for a practice sherry.

He hadn’t.  We had failed to find him.  

Martin telephoned to say that they had explored a tunnel but they hadn’t seen him either.

Where can he be?  There are only five days left.  Please help us find him, boys and girls.  And if you hear Mummy say that as he isn’t coming she might as well drink the sherry herself, you have my permission to tell her off.

Love from Uncle Don

Wednesday 19th December 2018



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Hello Children,  I am sorry if you were worried.  I just popped over to Lapland to make sure that the reindeer are all in good fettle for next Monday night.  I am pleased to say they are and I am now safely back home in my cave.  

Rudolf has a bright new LED nose this year so we should have no problem in finding you even on the darkest night. As long as you have been good, of course!

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Comitibus:  John, Bryan, Martin, Don, Mike B, Stan, Brian, Ionna, Tony, Robin, Mike T

OS 1:50k


BB1840 : 0h! 0h! 0h! Santa's Gone Missing


Wednesday 19th December 2018


Gaping Gill, Ingleborough


Martin, Mike B, Stan, Tony

Brian, Bryan, Don, John, Mike T, Robin

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