BOOTboys 2020

BOOTboys: Old Men Walking and doing other daft things.

BB2001 : 2020 Vision?
Thursday 2nd January 2020
Hutton Roof Crags

BB2002 : Two Tribes Go To War
Tuesday 7th January 2020
Holmescales Outdoor Activity Centre

BB2003 : Degrees of Requirement
Wednesday 15th January 2020

BB2004 : An Ambulation of Mind
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
Shipman Knotts, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell

BB2005 : A Bit of a Dilemma
Wednesday 29th January 2020
Kendal to Levens

BB2006 : Frustrated by the Sun
Thursday 6th February 2020
Sour Howes, Sallows

BB2007 : Armageddon - the Aftermath
Thursday 13th February 2020
Claife Heights, Latterbarrow

BB2008 : Wellies and Speedos?
Thursday 20th February 2020
Gummer's How

BB2009 : Preventing the Spread of the Virus
Wednesday 26th February 2020
Tom Heights, Black Crag, Tarn Hows

BB2010 : We'll Meet Again?
Monday 17th March 2020

BB2011 : The BOOT'n'BIKEboys' Corona Relay Round
Wednesday 15th April 2020
Lyth Valley and Kendal

BB2012 : Life Is Tough But So Are You
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
The Scout Scar Mushroom

BB2013 : The Last Day of Summer?
Wednesday 29th April 2020
Circling Kendal including Helm

BB2014 : The Scatter Gun
Wednesday 6th May 2020
Scattered locations

BB2015 : The Pubs With No Beer
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Circling Kendal including Helm the other way

BB2016 : Not So Close Encounters
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Gurnal Dubbs (six ways)

BB2017 : Lord Anthony and the Pestilence
Wednesday 27th May 2020
Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar, Helsington Church

BB2018 : Indicate The Route To My Habitual Abode
Wednesday 3rd June 2020

BB2019 : So Good They Climbed It Twice
Thursday 11th June 2020

BB2020 : Letting in Water
Thursday 18th June 2020
Troutbeck Tongue

BB2021 : Put your Boots One
Wenesday 18th June 2020
Blue:  Whitbarrow Scar
Red:  Whinfell

BB2022 : My Secret Wood
Thursday 2nd July 2020
Helsington Barrow

BB2023 : The Three Meanings of Chai
Wednesday 8th July 2020
Wansfell Pike, Baystones

BB2024 : Farewell to Skippy
Wednesday 15th July 2020
Trowbridge Quarry, Yealand,
Leighton Hall & Moss

BB2025 : The Devil Gate Drive?
Tuesday 21st July 2020
Yoke, Illl Bell, Froswick

BB2026 : Favourites Old and New
Wednesday 22nd July 2020
Potter Fell, Brunt Knott

BB2027 : The Convergence of Ways
Wednesday 29th July 2020
Shap Church, Meeting House and Abbey

BB2028 : Strange Very Seem Might It?
Thursday 6th August 2020
Sallows, Sour Howes

BB2029 : In the Land of the Damson King
Wednesday 19th August 2020

BB2030 : The Mystery of PC Groves
Wednesday 26th August 2020
Kendal, Scout Scout Scar, Cunswick Scar

BB2031 : Three Songs for Robin
Thursday 3rd September 2020
Lune Viaducts,  Fox's Pulpit

BB2032 : Squiggly Brown Lines
Thursday 10th September 2020
Lang How, Silver How, Alcock Tarn

BB2033 : The Three What?
Wednesday 16th September 2020
Arnside Knott

BB2034 : The Man of Iron and Boys of Steel
Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Steel Fell, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag













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