WW13: Ambleside to Windermere

Sunday 10th October 2010

Whoops!  I have commented more than once about the lack of detailed directions for The Westmorland Way, hence the oft repeated phrase- We are the Wway.

Well, there is a guide book.  How I failed to find mention of it previously escapes me but when a friend mentioned the name Paul Hannon, adding that to the Google search immediately produced the fact that the book exists and is available from Amazon.

I have therefore ordered it but not in time for today's section. It will be interesting to see how far we have deviated from the official route and whether we will need to retrace our steps but, for the time being, we continue to be the Wway.

Roger and Denise again joined us and the fun started as soon as we parked at our walking destination of Windermere.  I had checked the times of the 555 bus to Ambleside but it didn't occur to me to look for times of other buses.  No sooner had we got out of the car than the 599 open-topped double-decker rolled up so upstairs we went and positioned ourselves in the naughty seats at the back.




The forecasters said that this would be the last decent sunny day of summer and it lived up to expectations.  The views from the top of the bus were exceptional- trees and bracken turning colour, distant hills languishing in a slight haze and hardly a cloud in the sky.  It makes you realise just how much you miss in a normal covered bus and, even more so, at ground level in a car.

Fairfield still in haze

Alighting at Ambleside, the Wway takes the climb to Jenkin Crag.  Good views en-route but at the crag itself they are getting quite obscured by the trees so it was good to see that some felling is due to take place to restore its glory.

Lake Windermere from the path to Jenkin Crag

Wansfell from near Robin Lane

We continued on to join Robin Lane but took a short detour to examine what the map calls the Pillar but in reality is little more than a large cairn at a good vantage point.

The so-called Pillar

Dropping down into Troutbeck

Rounding the hill, we dropped down into Troutbeck where there was an inviting seat in the unoccupied children's playground where we took lunch.

Denise tests the equipment

Team picture

Crossing the valley near Jesus Church, we climbed a bridle path which is really the start of the Garburn Road and were treated to a fine display of washing.  

Jesus Churcht

Troutbeck washing

Troutbeck valley

Troutbeck village from the Garburn Road

Soon we turned right along Longmire Road.  Before reaching Far Orrest, we came across a large group of walkers, some of which had climbed the small hill to our left- Allen Crag. We did likewise and discovered another excellent viewpoint.

The north end of Windermere and Wansfell from Allen Crag

The mid section of the lake

There must be a regular supply of walkers along this path as a Far Orrest entrepreneur had sat up shop outside the farm.

The Far Orrest shop

Belle Isle from  Orrest Head

Through pleasant countryside we walked to Near Orrest and then climbed the back of Orrest Head- the viewpoint that inspired the young Alfred Wainwright.  It was then only a short walk back to the car parked at Winderemere Station.

Wainwright's life changing view

Margaret enjoying the sunshine

It has been another splendid walk on a glorious day.  But did we go the right Wway?

Soon we will know!

Don, 10th October 2010




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