BB1023 : Something Brutal

Thursday 10th June 2010

When Bryan describes a hill top as “tricky” and “confusing”, you know that it is not going to be straightforward.  What might be more of a surprise is that the top he had in mind lies well under 1,000 feet above sea level and less than 2 miles from the M6.

Circumstances had prevailed against Stan and me continuing our W campaign so this week’s BOOTboys lite was a morning only expedition to Hutton Roof Crags.

I’d been over several times, including BB0910, but had never actually been to the top of the limestone pavement.  So on a greyer than expected day, it seemed a good venue for a brisk short walk and back in time to buy Granny her fish and chips for lunch.

We parked opposite Holme Park Farm then walked away from the hills to the canal for the first mile or so before crossing back to Farleton where a decision awaited us.  

Bryan by the canal

Farleton Knott across the canal

Either we could go diagonally left and take a relatively easy way up Farleton Knott or go direttissimo up the scree.  

Farleton Knott screes

“I fancy something brutal,” said Bryan, so that was decided. Direttissimo it was to be. And it was quite brutal but, compared with some of late, mercifully short before we emerged on the summit of Farleton Knott- an excellent vantage point to survey Junction 36 and the rest of South Lakeland.  On a clear day, that is.

Hutton Roof Crags from Farleton Knott

We crossed over Farleton Fell and Newbiggin Crags and onto Hutton Roof Crags.

Navigation is indeed tricky and confusing as most of the time you are either in light woodland or your view is obscured by small but inaccessible craglets.  

Or in tall gorse which, to me, still smelt of Vanilla.  

Nonetheless, we did find the trig point without too much difficulty.

Hutton Roof summit

Comitibus: Hutton Roof Crags

We retraced our steps for a while then dropped down to the South America rock- one of Bryan's climbing venues that has an outline like the continent.

The South America rock

Our return was intended to be along the Limestone Way bridle path, which, according to the OS map runs alongside a wall.  


There is a path along by the wall but anyone one much over five foot tall has problems so what horses would make of it, I don’t know.  

There is a higher and more horse friendly path but not where the OS say it should be.

Coffee Stop on the limestone pavement

Clawthorpe Quarry with Whitbarrow Scar behind

Having crossed back over on to Farleton Knott we just had enough time for a coffee stop before returning to the car and back, on time, at the chippy.

Quite a contrast from recent efforts but a good little outing none the less.

Don, 10th June 2010


BB1022 Post Script

Last week's report, BB1022 : What A Difference A Day Makes, talked of our trip to West Cumbria on the day after the shootings.

On the BOOTboys distribution list is Guy.  He, too, is finishing off the Wainwrights and was in the area while the shootings in West Cumbria were taking place and the following day.  You can read his report at BB1022 Afternote.

A perhaps inevitable by-product of the shootings was a surge in people Googling for information on the area.  One such person was Ci, now living in Colwyn Bay. Whilst searching for items on Boot, he chanced upon the BOOTboys website and its references to Big Josie reawakened old memories.  Not only had he known Big Josie rather better than any of our previous contributors, he volunteered a photograph.  You can see her picture and read his recollections at Crazy Horse.

The information Ci provided led to the discovery of another reference to Josie on the internet, details to be found at A Lament for the English Pub.


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10th June 2010

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



Farleton Knott (Outlying Fells)

Other Features:

Hutton Roof

Wainwright Countdown:

Don & Stan: 11, Bryan: 7 (all unchanged)


Bryan, Don


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