BB1513 : High Cup and Bottles

Thursday 9th April 2015

Spring has sprung and, for a few days at least, the weather is what you would hope for when the daffs are out and the blossom is emerging.

Mike has been very patient.  He has wanted us to go to High Cup Nick for ages but, instead, we have taken him almost everywhere but!  Time for his reward. Plus a surprise.

Had Tony been with us, I suspect he would have made us stop in Appleby to re-open Lady Anne's crypt but as he wasn't she could rest in peace and we pressed on to park at High Cup House.

Our route to the Nick was via the slopes of Middleton Crag and up between the two flanks of the canyon.  The rim was reached by a steep but easy scramble. From here we had a good view of the remarkable valley with its near vertical sides.

A sentinel on the north wall!

Up the Nick

View of the Nick from  top centre

Objective achieved, we followed the Pennine Way for a mile or so until we reached the footbridge over Maize Beck, the stream that drains the fell eastwards to the River Tees.

The turning point

Here we turned back along the other side of the beck and to the Nick where we stopped for a lazy, sunny lunch.

A strange feature of the walk was the many, many mounds that look like molehills, both in the valley and on the top.  I have never seen anything like it on the hills before.

In the valley.....

..... and on top

There were also lots of old, grassed over ones, not dissimilar to those seen on Scout Scar on BB1401 which we were told were anthills.

Comitibus :  High Cup Nick

You've been framed

High Cup fell ponies

Our route thereafter followed the Pennine Way towards Dufton but we turned off along an old quarry track which led down to Town Head, not far from the car. This is where I had a surprise in store for the lads.  Here to be found is the High Cup Winery.  We were invited in for a tasting following which James treated us to a bottle of the Rhubarb wine.  

High Cup Winery

A cheeky little rhubarb

What a pleasant drink it was to sup in the afternoon sun whilst sitting overlooking the Eden valley.

Two more High Cup bottles found their way into my rucksac- legitimately paid for, I hasten to add.  I didn't Nick them.

Don, Thursday 9th April 2015

Addendum:  The day after writing the report, I was killing time in Kendal and discovered there was an exhibition in Stricklandgate House, featuring maps and photos of Old Kendal.

On the wall was a massive old-time map of Westmorland, of which county High Cup Nick then belonged except that wasn't its name.  According to the map, it was then known as High Cote Nick.  

This makes sense.  Cote meaning side and Nick meaning a cut or indentation.

Viz: a high sided indentation.

The land above the Nick is shown as disputed territory although it did not say who was in dispute with whom. 

Happy Birthday Terry

Terry has at last been able to update his Himalayan blog.  You can catch up with him at Everest Base Camp and Much More

He has also posted on Facebook this picture of himself celebrating his birthday.




Thursday 9th April 2015

Distance in miles:

11.1 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,707 (Memory Map)


High Cup Nick


Don, James, Mike, Stan

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