BB1617 : Let Them Eat Cake

Wednesday 4th May 2016

Poor Marie Antoinette.  She probably never said those words or if she did she might have been referring to a type of bread popular in Brittany.

She was not at all in our minds as we set off today.  If anyone had asked for a relevant name, it would have been Norber, he (or it) of Norber Erratics fame.

Who (or what) was Norber?  

The only person I could Google-find was career criminal Sammy “The Mustache” Norber, an associate of Detroit’s notorious Jewish crime syndicate, The Purple Gang.

The website “A Mobster in the Family” makes interesting reading but has absolutely nothing to do with today’s outing other than the coincidence of the name Norber.

The BOOTboys have visited the Norber Erratics twice before but Mike and John had not.  As previously, we parked at Austwick, outside the Game Cock Inn and set off through this attractive village in search of them. Erratics, not Game Cocks. 

Comitibus : Norber Erratic

You have to climb well up onto the fellside before you find the interesting ones, although geologists would probably say they are all of interest.

However it is the quirky appearance of the glacially deposited rocks on top of limestone that interested us.

If you want to know more, see BB1134 and BB1212.

Once Norbered out, we headed north across limestone moors with clear views of Ingleborough to the left .....

..... and Pen-y-Ghent to the right.  

Nearer to the east, across Crummock Dale, was Moughton Scar- a series of Limestone cliffs.  

On this occasion we resisted the temptation to cross over Thieves Moss but continued north until we reached the Sulber Nick heading east.  This is a less impressive area as the limestone pavement is hidden from view although, to be fair, Pen-y-Ghent is not.

Whilst gently ambling along we were passed by four soldiers on an exercise, one of them finding it much tougher than the other three, his rucksack being carried by a comrade. A little later we were taking lunch when three more squaddies came along and asked us to look out for their fourth member.  Several minutes later he turned up, similarly finding the going tough.  This is all very worrying for our security if one quarter of our army finds it hard to progress any faster than four old men!

After passing several large stone built grouse butts we reached Moughton Scar and made our way north west along its precipitous edge, wondering how we were going to get down to the Dale.

Fortunately we found the Beggar’s Stile and the safe and easy descent.  It was a gentle stroll back to the Game Cock.  

We enjoyed our previous visits but today’s took matters to a higher dimension.  

The barmaid was French, from Brittany.  She told us that the chef also was French.  When we were well into our second pint, through he came with two large plates, each carrying an enormous offering.  

"Are those for us?" I jokingly enquired.  It turned out they were and for any other customers.  One was soft olive and ham bread, I can’t remember what was in the other but the same sort of fare.

I asked Mademoiselle what they were called.  

"Bread" she told me.  

"But what would you call them in France?" I persisted.  

"But they are not French," she said, "They are English."

"Yes but what would you call them if they were French?"

She thought for a moment and replied “Cake.”

Marie Antoinette, if she did actually say those famous words, was a very wise women.  We did eat the cake and it was delicious.

Don, Wednesday 4th May 2016

Un Repas Français

Later that night John emailed to say that he was had been so impressed with the Game Cock Inn that took Trish there for "Un repas français".  He reported that it was really good value and very enjoyable. 

I hope he left them "Un gros pourboire"!




Wednesday 4th May 2016

Distance in miles:

10.4 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,565 (Anquet)


Norber Erratics,  Moughton Scar


Don, John Hn, Mike, Tony


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