BB1642 : The BOOTgolf Battle

Thursday 1st December 2016

Its real name is FootGolf but BOOTgolf seems more appropriate to us.

You may recall that two weeks ago, BB1640, we did a recce at the Casterton Golf Club.  

Today, Let Battle Commence.

The day kicked off with the "best-dressed" competition.

Well, actually it kicked off with bacon butties but that wasn't competitive.

Somehow or other Bryan won the accolade.

I thought my 1967/8 League Champions Manchester City Red & Black shirt signed by Mike the Buzzer Summerbee would have swept the board.   

I can only think that the lass who had been asked to be the judge was a Leeds United supporter!

Next was a conventional stroke play competition if "conventional" and "stroke" are the right words.  Put another way, it was the least number of kicks to get round the 9 hole course (the holes of course being super-sized to fit a football).

Even "kicks" is a bit of a misnomer.

We made some amendments to the official rules to allow people on the tee to opt to be goalkeepers who could kick from hand or spearchuckers and throw the ball.

The contest commenced with a celebrity kick-off from John PL whose knees, sadly, no longer enable him to partake in competitive activities.

The celebrity kick-off

It was very quickly clear that Bryan was significantly the most competent footballer although Mike was a comfortable second, the rest of us left trailing in their wake.

Champion Bryan


John Hn








Pie and peas (or burger) dissipated any disappointment arising from the morning's achievements (or lack thereof).  Unfortunately, Pete had pulled a muscle and that, coupled with the fact that Robin was unable to join us, meant that a revised format needed to be devised for the afternoon.  


First hole was a longest drive (kick) competition.  Tony's was the longest but it was in the rough.  Bryan's was next but debatable as to whether it was on or off the fairway.  John's was definitely plumb in the middle of the fairway but a touch less far.  Triple winners, it was decreed.

The next seven holes were in a format that is a little difficult to explain so let's just call it a BOOTboys scramble in which, in order to reduce the chance of Bryan winning everything, players were handicapped according to their performance in the morning. 10 were whittled down progressively to 2 on the final tee where Stuart mistakenly played his second shot to the wrong hole.  However, Philip, in true Christmas spirit, allowed him to retake the shot, thereby enabling Stuart to become the 2016 BOOTboys scramble champion.

The final hole was a nearest the pin shoot-out in which Stan outgunned all with his supreme accuracy.

Comitibus: BOOTgolf

Back in the clubhouse prizes were awarded.  I am not sure that Bryan fully appreciated the pink sun visor he received for being the best dressed but at least we will see him in the dark with his main prize- a fluorescent buff!

Stan for putting

Stuart for Scramble

Bryan- Victor Laudorum

Stan thought that some of the prizes should have been liniment.  Tony muttered something about going to see his masseuse.

In the evening, tradition was abandoned.  Infusion no longer being in business, we relocated the event to the Strickland Arms.  

In the early days, our dinner was boys-only but the girls objected.  

So one year we invited them to dine out on the same night but at a different venue.  

Again the girls objected.

So for the last few years we have invited the girls to join us at the same restaurant but at a different table.  

Strangely some, but not all, still objected.

The Strickland Arms

So this year they were invited to sit at the same table but at a segregated end (it was a very long table).  However even this degree of emancipation was not sufficient and after the second course, Margaret led the charge to sit amongst the men, turfing me out of my seat and sending me down the far end.  However, I have to concede it was a not-unpleasant experience to join the ladies!

But this emancipation can only go so far.  I don't think the BOOTboys are quite ready yet to become the BOOTpeople!

Don, Thursday 1st December 2016

Spot the Ball

For those wondering about the result of the Spot the Ball Competition in BB1640, I have to confess that I cheated.  My apologies to the entrants but there was no ball.  So I win!!

And aren't you impressed by how high I can leap? Not a problem when you have Photoshop in your boots!

However today's competition is for real.  It is an unmolested copy of action from today except that the ball has been digitally removed.  Place your cross on the picture and send it to .

I've Just Walked Up Table Mountain

So claims James but do we think that the walk consisted of stepping into the cable car and then out again?  

Or do we believe him?




Thursday 1st December 2016

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



Casterton Golf Course


Bryan, Don, John Hn, John PL, Martin, Mike, Pete, Philip, Stan, Stuart, Terry, Tony


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