BB2110 : Say it with Flowers

Sunday 7th - Thursday 11th March 2021

Another multi-day BOOTboy solos week.  Now that most of us have had our first Covid vaccination, hopefully it wouldn't be too long before we can start to meet up for socially distanced outings.  But meanwhile it's as we were.

This week's challenge was Mike B's suggestion- Flowers.  Quite appropriate seeing as it is Mother's Day this coming Sunday.  As usual, the categories were Real, Artificial and Pictorial. and the judging criteria for each category was Most Interesting, Best Looking and Funniest.  Finally the overall favourite, the Victor Ludorum would be chosen. 

Judge John B

Our Judge this week is a snowbird.  He spends the summers in Okoboji, Iowa and the winters in North Port, Florida. 

To make you even more envious, John is currently on holiday, sorry- vacation, in Mexico.

This is all a far cry from when he and I were classmates in Manchester over 50 years ago.

John is an avid follower of BOOTboys.  He has made several contributions to the Comments section and has on occasion appeared in the ZOOMbar.

Here John can be seen watching his father and his chums walking though Sedbergh some 50 years earlier.

Real Flowers:

R01: Don

Flowers for the youths?

R02: Tony

Walked miles to get this one

R03: Tony

Past their best

R04: Tony

Crocuses going, daffs coming

R05: Mike B

R06: Mike B

Do be daff!

R07: Mike B

Her top was short and purple
Belly dancing in a circle

R08: Mike B

Blossoming cherry-
 gentle breeze wafted away a pink cloud

R09: Mike B

Catkins, dropping wins

R10: Mike B

There is a Flower, the Lesser Celandine,
That shrinks, like many more, from cold and rain;
And, the first moment that the sun may shine,
Bright as the sun himself, 'tis out again!

R11: Mike B

Snowdrops come in a bin, you know!

R12: Mike B

Wild Strawberry

R13: Stuart

R14: Stuart

R15: Stuart

R16: Stuart

R17: Stuart

R18: Stuart

R19: Stuart

R20: Stuart

R21: Mike B


Red and White doesn't make pink

R22: Robin

Bridge over the River Tems

R23: Robin

"I used to be Snow White but I drifted" - Mae West

R24: Robin

Fence on fire

R25: Robin


Front line snowdrops

R26: Robin


Iris and Skimmia

R27: Robin

Out in time for Easter

R28: Robin

RIP in the Quakers' Garden of Peace

R29: Robin

Lost Primrose

R30: Robin

Lonely Crocus

R31: Stephen

Arborum flores in muro

R32: Stephen

Mandato flos color virentibus foliis

R33: Stephen

Punicei in fustibus

R34: Stephen

Virentibus foliis florem alba

R35: Stephen

Virentibus foliis florem alba

R36: Stephen

Domus calidum ollam plantarum

R37: Mike T


R38: Tony

Crocuses and Daffs

R39: Tony

Best display in town

Artificial Flowers:

A01: Mike B

Artificial better than nothing?

A02: Mike B

Artificial blob of colour.....

A03: Don

Good quality fakes?

A04: Don

More fakes!

A05: Mike B

Bit early to be real

A06: Mike B

A07: Robin

One for Miss Blandish

A08: Mike B

Shop in Flowers or Flowers in Shop?

A09: Mike T

A Mandrake; herbology!

A10: Mike T

Felted flower vessel

 A11: Mike T

Felted Aricula

 A12: Stephen

So there I was beside the lake beneath the trees with a whole host of them Daffodils
so I nicked one!

Pictorial Flowers:

P01: Don

Westmorland Liberation Army flag

P02: Don

Free Spirits?  Whisky please!

P03: Don

I've bin looking for flowers!

P04: Don

Where's the other 497?

 P05: Terry

A BOOTbabe original

P06: Terry

And so is this

P07: Mike B


P08: Mike B

Civilised Flower

P09: Mike B

Duck and Flowers

P10: Robin

Never mind Richard 111 and Bosworth,
this is where Yorkshire men do battle.

P11: Robin

Daffodils in a blue vase

P12: Mike B

P13: Tony

Sister-in-law Margaret's

P14: Mike B

Yes, those are flowers on her mask

P15: Mike B

Soul Rose

P16: Mike B

Flower Van

P17: Mike B

Baa Flowers

The Results

John was assisted by wife Frankie and daughter JoAnne whilst.  They were judging blind and had no knowledge of who had submitted which entry.  

John was actually rather disappointed that he was not eligible to submit entries as he thought some of these could be winners:

I think John would have had to be disqualified on the grounds of excessive sunshine!

The results were reported to us in the ZOOMbar and then John sort of disappeared.  His camera was still on but the screen rotated and was then staring at the sky.  We were getting seriously worried as to what had happened to him  Fortunately he was OK.  This is what he subsequently had to say about the incident.

We enjoyed doing the judging; a lot of great photos.  I was pleased we were able to get the results to you during the Zoom call.

The excitement in the middle of the Zoom call was the umbrella and table being blown over - and trying to help so there wasn't any damage. It's our neighbour's and the umbrella was broken so it couldn't be closed and we had really high winds in the afternoon.  (Great for the kite-surfers out in the bay.)

Drums roll: Here are John's winners: 


Real Flowers

Artificial Flowers

Pictorial Flowers

Most Interesting

R07 Mike B

Her top was short & purple
Belly dancing in a circle

A09 Mike T

A Mandrake; herbology!

 P05: Terry

A BOOTbabe original

Best Looking

R05: Mike B

A02: Mike B

Artificial blob of colour

P03: Don

I've bin looking for flowers!


R11: Mike B

Snowdrops come in a bin, you know!

 A12: Stephen

So there I was beside the lake beneath the trees with a whole host of them Daffodils so I nicked one!

P04: Don

Where's the other 497?

(It's a Fiat 500)

R24: Robin

Fence on fire

 Congratulations all and thanks to John, Frankie and JoAnne for being our judges.

 Do you agree with their selections?  Which would have been your choices? 


Robin: In a word, dreich – the only way to describe the weather today. We head for the banks of the Ribble via the beech-lined pathway from town and the Cricket Club, empty and silent for most of the year. Our destination is the hamlet of Stackhouse, returning below Lord’s Wood, then to Giggleswick, over Beggar’s Wife Bridge to the park fields. Folks I pass along the way are cheerful, noticeably more prepared to maintain social distancing - or are we old’uns all more relaxed now?

The hedgerows and trees look anxious to burst forth, but maybe a few weeks yet. Saving the show for Easter and the pub garden; hope springs eternal!

Don:  My exercise was mainly around the centre of Kendal which did produce some unusual displays. Funny old weather though.  Hopefully soon be able to get back on the fells in twos then sixes.

Tony: The crocus display at Parkside has been outstanding this year but hit their best the week before this challenge. (I could have cheated...........!!)

My sister in law knocked up the framed display some years ago. We ended up with that many around the house it looked like a chapel of rest!!

What can I say about the Best Display in Town - its the best display in town!

And for a bonus- click on this picture:

Stephen: Last September Julia made me go to RHS Wisley. I learnt all the correct names for the flowers which has set me up for this challenge. Most pics taken at Sizergh Castle Gardens.

Mike T:  Not been too far this week due to jabs, house clearances and bad weather, so entries are home related.

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Mike B

John B


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