BB2112 : Doors, Windows and Gates

Monday 21st  - Thursday 25th March 2021

Another multi-featured challenge for what we hope is the last time we are constrained to pairs.  The topic for the boys to photograph on their travels was Doors, Windows and Gates.  Some took the interpretation a little further than intended and provided contributions of things, mostly humorous, that they had seen on their i-pads or whatever rather than with their own eyes.  Yes, yes I know they used their own eyes to view the i-pads but you know what I mean.  So such non-conformist items have been separated from the main entries but are worth looking at (and clicking on).

Judge Ian

Ian was a regular in the first incarnation of BOOTboys although the name wasn't then used and he missed out on the infamous Big Josie of BOOT night in 1974.  

As he currently lives in Cheshire, in recent times he hasn't been able to join us as often as he would have liked.  

However, he anticipates moving back to South Lakeland in the near future so hopefully we will then have the pleasure of his company much more often.

Doors, Windows and Gates


Circumstances got in the way of Stan and I doing something more adventurous than recent outings. Consequently the first set of pictures are from a walk around Sizergh with Margaret.

Study this door- it's studied!

What knockers!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let dahn yer 'air

When I'm cleaning windows

Daffy down dilly door 

Before B4RN

The next two were taken on a trip to the dentist in Kendal.


The #1

Finally, a visit to Arnside (a necessary journey, officer).

A rotten door

A posh door

She sells, but not at the moment!

She sells Pulled Pork Paninis.  Yes!!!!!

He sold in the Past, not the Present!

Mike B

A beautiful aperture

Scores for doors?

Natural doorway

Rubbish door


Happy Window No. 1


Beautiful Iron Gate

Emergency vehicles through here?
Only Tony on his blood bike


It's a wrap!


Window dressing- not!

Let me in!

Card door

Dental suction on the increase


Happy window No. 2


How many elephants to the yard?

Arch to H

All Bar None

Dog's arch

Windows on the World

No way José

What's not to love?
Doors, windows, mystery, neglect

Expensive window

Tony's Window of Dreams

Mike T

Metaphors for the way ahead .....

..... and the way we are now 

Heversham Church Door






A magical tree?


When I saw the criteria for this week’s challenge I immediately thought of the Safestyle double glazing advert but my attentions soon switched to listed or old buildings but then I thought about doors that have opened to me in my life (whilst ignoring those that had closed!)

So the first picture is the main entrance to Scottish and Newcastle Brewery that I went through in 1962 for my first job interview on leaving school. Mr Hossack, who interviewed me, said ‘well Tony you’re the first here you can have the job’ Arrogantly, I always thought it was due to the impression I made but more likely it was because he couldn’t be bothered to interview anyone else!!

The second is the entrance to what was H.J. Croft Motor Engineers in Highgate who I joined in 1965, a really interesting period in my life full of characters and cowboys but with zero job security.

1962: You're the first here, Tony

1965: My career in modern day horse trading

The third is the one that really matters to me, being the main entrance to Provincial Insurance through which I went in 1970 having just married, joining many others who also became BOOTboys and who still put up with me 50 years later!

The fourth is the former K Socks building that was converted to become the Head Office of Provincial's offshoot, Prolific into which several BOOTboys (including The Judge) demerged.

1970: Doorway to our futures

Some folk worked their socks off here

A real Charlie stayed here

Longest window in Westmorland?

Gone for one

Glad I never bought one of these apartments

Just Interesting

The old Kendal Town Morgue


Anyone got ten grand? !!


Chippy open tonight!!

Other Doors, Windows and Gates
Clicking on the pictures might give you several surprises, pleasant or otherwise!

The unforgettable Dors

The unforgettable Doors

A, You're A-DOORable

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Gates can open Windows
but not Doors!

When I'm Cleaning Windows

How about a film?

Ooh! Shut that door!
Mike T

How about a thriller?


The Results

Window dressing- not!

As well as being a really good photo, Ian liked the way Mike B had linked the subject matter (windows) with the naked mannequins to make the clever title. If only whoever owned the establishment had thought of following the clear guidance on the glass by putting face coverings on the mannequins! 


Most Interesting:
Metaphor for the way ahead ..... 

Ian thought that among some very good archway/gateway/gap photos, Mike T's composition stood out and, reinforced by the title, it illustrated where we would like to have access to in what hopefully will soon be freer and happier times.

Best Looking:
Beautiful Iron Gate

In Ian’s opinion, the title perfectly matched the image of the gate and when added to the calm rural scene behind it, the result was a very simple but lovely picture from Mike B.


Special "All Our Yesterdays" Award:
1970: Doorway to our futures  &  Some folk worked their socks off here
Ian thought Tony's photos of the Provincial and Prolific (site of former K Socks factory) doorways merited a special award as they held a particular significance for several of us who had walked through those doors on a daily basis over many years.  These photos evoked many strong memories.

Highly Commended:
She sells, but not at the moment!  &  She sells Pulled Pork Paninis.  Yes!!!

Ian liked the way the "She Sells” name of the clothes shop was used to link Don’s two Arnside photos (Ian also wanted to recognise Margaret’s role in one of the photos). He also mentioned that his wife Roz likes Arnside, not that it influenced his judgement!


Another simple but very effective composition
and Ian liked Robin's clever play on Labrador in the title.


Near Misses

Looking through the photos, Ian thought that getting the title right could be the difference between a podium finish or just missing out. On further reflection, there are now three photos - from Mike B and Terry - where the suggested revised titles might just have tipped the balance in their favour.

Dental suction extraction on the increase


I knew Hobbits were small, but...!!

Victor  Ludoorum
Having already selected Mike T's “Metaphors for the way ahead” photo as the most interesting, Ian thought that the photos that Mike had put forward as a combination, as well as being photographically really effective, summed up superbly where we are now and what we hope will soon be open to us, making the duo in his opinion a worthy choice for Victor  Ludoorum

To emphasise the challenges choosing the winners, Ian mentioned that if he were doing the judging a week later, the results could be completely different!

Thanks Ian for your judgements and also for joining us in the ZOOMbar to reveal the results.  All the best to you and Roz for your move back north.  We hope you will soon be back out on the fells with us, post Lockdown.

How about you, dear reader?  Would these have been your choices?  What say you?

Don, Thursday 25th March 2021


Don:  Special commendation from me to Mike B whose window dressing picture is used, cropped, for the page header as, in addition to being funny and carrying a topical message, it has all of a door, windows and a gate!

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