BB2115 : The Westmorland Liberation Army

Wednesday 7th April 2021

I had done my research before we set out.

At long last I had discovered the nature and significance of the flag that we had seen flying last year at a house near High Borrans.

I have seen it flying in several other places subsequently, including on two properties in my own village. 

At one of them, the owner reckoned he didn’t know its relevance; he just liked it so flew it.  I now know otherwise.  It is a symbol of resistance.  I was looking forward to seeing it again and telling the boys about its secret meaning.

First, though, we needed to visit Sour Howes and Sallows.  Our route was virtually identical to that taken on BB2006 in those happy days shortly before lockdown.  Today was what we hoped would be a happy day as our first out-of-lockdown event in which six of us could venture forth together.

Predictions of sunshine, strong winds and a windchill factor of -15 meant that we came prepared.  In the event, the sun did shine and it was cold in the wind but nowhere near that bad.

The Dubbs Road rises gently but it is a sterner test when you cross the ladder stile and climb to the summit of Sour Howes.

We spent some time making a good job of identifying the distant hills and a bad job of identifying Blackpool Tower.

I had expected the wind to make our circuit of Moor Head to the Sallows summit a challenge.  It wasn’t.  It was a pleasant stroll.  Dropping down to the Kentmere valley via Sour Rigg ....

..... was almost summer-like. 

I was getting positively excited as we neared High Borrans and the house with the flag mast.  Please don’t take this as me being disloyal but imagine my disappointment to find that what was now flying was the Union Flag.  With hindsight, it is not a surprise.  Looking back at BB2006 I can see the then flag was rather tattered.  Its absence today deprived me of the opportunity to relate its tale to my companions but I still have the opportunity to inflict it upon you, dear reader.

Despite what you might think, the county of Westmorland did not cease to exist in 1974.  Cumbria is simply an administrative territory.  

To remind people of this fact, the Westmorland Association was formed and a flag designed.  

It depicts an Apple Tree, representing Appleby, the old County Town, and the two red bars representing the Barony of Kendal.

It was intended to be flown by those proud to be Westmerians. 

Is it perhaps also flown by those prepared to take a more active role in rescuing Westmorland from the clutches of Carlisle, a possibility that is currently under political consideration?  Might we be seeing the emergence of The Westmorland Liberation Army?  Sadly, not on today’s showing (or lack thereof). 

Nevertheless today did live up to our expectation of being a happy out-of-lockdown occasion, the first in which six of us could venture forth together.  We even daringly finished with an outdoor coffee in the Staveley’s flag-free Mill Yard.  Is it tempting fate to think that normality might be returning before too long?

Don, Wednesday 7th April 2021


Comitibus:  TV Mike, Mike B, Stan, Terry, Bryan, Don


BB2115 track overlaid on BB2006;  Map: OS 1:50k


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Don:  We have had problems.  Using Relive live on my phone for photos whilst also taking pictures on my camera is frustrating.  I decided to use my camera and insert the photos and gpx trail later.  I had no problems with the gpx trail but big problems in getting the photos across, especially those I have edited.

Sometimes Relive won't recognise photos that have been transferred to my phone.  Even when it does, it is sooooo slow to insert them.  Unfortunately Relive do not have and don't intend to have a pc based version.

This is a shame as it would make editing so much easier.  However I do understand the complications of trying to keep software compatible with different operating systems.

There is a Relive publication for today- see Sour Howes and Sallows.  However it is not as good a production as I would have liked and so I was reluctant to put it on line.

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BB2115 : The Westmorland Liberation Army


Wednesday 7th April 2021


Sour Howes, Sallows


Bryan, Don, Mike B, TV Mike, Terry, Stan

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Mike B

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