BB2119 : All the Fun of the Fair

Thursday 6th May 2021

Or should that be Fare?  Or even Fest?  Time would tell.

It looked if fun might be in short supply.  Coming in at around noon would be some torrential downpours, or so we were led to believe.  Yet again, not a day for going high or too far from home.  Yet again, we relied on an old favourite, albeit with a twist.

Parking by the closed Strickland Arms, we headed straight up the hill then along to Sizergh Castle.

We'd had an early start so the car park was strangely quiet.  Our route to Helsington Church was the way that we often descend but seldom climb.

Once up at the view point, we could see that the Lakeland hills were gathering some large clouds.  How far would we be able to walk along the Scars before prudence would cause us to turn back?  Would we make the Mushroom?

I had something to show the boys on Helsington Barrows.  

Rather than climb along the edge of the scar, I took them inland to find a hidden, wooded path up a minor sort of ravine that I had discovered recently with Margaret.

The purpose was for a bit of fun.

I knew that partway up the ravine was a swing.  

No ordinary short piece of rope slung over a tree branch but a massive and well constructed swing.

I thought the Bboys might enjoy it, or at least tell their grandchildren about.

The sad thing is that I couldn't find it.  

I was following a previous gps trail so I am pretty sure we went to the right place and I found where I thought it had been but it had vanished.  


Health and Safety?

Mischievous gnomes?

Whatever, it had vanished.

We continued up the hill to reach the Scar near the decision point.  Should we continue to the Mushroom or should we wimp out and drop down to the valley? Another glance over to the hills settled the matter.  

The Langdales had vanished and the Coniston Fells were going the same way Time for discretion.  Down the steep narrow path to Barrow field it would be.

In the woods we passed 17 members of the U3A (University of the Third Age). Before you think "Oh, no, here comes another Don rant about them not respecting the  Corvid Rules,"  I should stress that they were in three separate groups of 6, 6 and 5.  Good for them.

Further along was a car that looked as if it had been abandoned.  Checking with the DVLA website seemed to confirm the theory.  No tax.  No MOT.

The rain hadn't arrived so we thought we should take a chance and drop down to the bird-hide in the Brigsteer Park Woods.  First however we had to find the path down through Wells Garth.  The problem was that where it should have been according to the OS map was a garden gate but no seeming way through.  A little further along, we found a gated track that ran behind the property.  It wasn't locked so we went down there.  Part way down we found a footpath marker pointing upwards through a different garden but there had been no sign of it at the higher level.  I must go back one day to see where it really goes.

Down at Park End farm, the path led through the farmyard.  Or so it seemed. However once on the road, we saw clear signs that those going up should go a different way round.  Had we missed a marker?  Possibly.

In the field leading down to the bird-hide we saw another large party, again split into three legitimate groups and again members of the U3A.  How do I know that? Because in the middle group was Ann, Philip's wife, plus several other folk known variously to Tony, Stan and Martin.

The bird-hide was still C19 padlocked so we headed south through the woods. The bluebells were out but not as dense as I had expected. You could still smell their perfume. The long climb leads to the track that takes you back to Sizergh Castle.

This time it was heaving.  All the tables were full of folk enjoying their picnics in the sunshine.  Had we made the wrong decision?

Once back at the car we had another decision to make.  Where to meet Stephen? Hare & Hounds or Gilpin Bridge? The former had just two outdoor tables, empty and exposed to the weather, or two small covered tables already occupied.  How it can be worth them opening just that number of people escapes me but maybe they do carry-outs as well.

On the other side of the Moss, at the Gilpin Bridge, it was another story. Extreme circumstance like Coronavirus produce a lot of losers but some winners.  Here was a brilliant example of two seemingly losers combining to turn their situation into a win-win.  

Across the road from the pub is the depot for Taylors Funfare, which of course has been out of action for months.  That included their Dodgems thingy.  Not sure what to call it.  It's doesn't seem right to say tent or marquee.  Hall?  Obviously they haven't been able to tour and the pub could only serve outside.  Put the two together and, with its well spaced tables and colourful roofing, you have a feature that would not be out of place at the Munich Beer Fest.  All that was missing were dirndls and an oompah band.

Bratwurst und Chips with Steins of Bier whilst it pours down.  Prost!

Don, Thursday 6th May 2021

PS No Relive this week.  It has crashed and so far the technical support has been inadequate.

Featuring TV Mike

TV Mike was on the tele again last week, this time regarding the Ascent of Everest. Click on the link to see him in action.

Did you miss him?  He's there in the hat at 1m 42s.  


Stan, Tony, Martin, Don


Map: OS 1:50k

TV Mike's Latest  Appearance

It hardly compares with his earlier triumphs but TV Mike managed another unmissable performance last week, applauding Crazy Craig's succesful charity ascent of Everest (500 times up Natland Church Tower).

Click on the picture to see his starring role at 1 minute 41 seconds.



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BB2119 : All the Fun of the Fair


Thursday 6th May 2021


Helsington Barrow


Don, Martin Stan, Tony

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Down in the ZOOMbar


John PL



TV Mike






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