BB2121 : Skeggling

Wednesday 19th May 2021

According to the Urban Dictionary, the word Skeggle refers to "Google cool people".  I am not sure what that means and nor, it seems, does Uncle Google. 

On the other hand, the Scottish National Dictionary defines the verb Skeggle as meaning to sway or slip to one side, to rock, move unsteadily or awry, lose balance, totter. Actions not entirely unknown to us.

It seemingly derives from the Norwegian Skjegla “to go awry” so maybe that is how Skeggles Water was discovered and thereby named as you have to go lang awry through featureless terrain to find it.

First, however, was the much more featureful Reston Scar, the small hill overlooking Staveley. 

Reaching it is an easy climb from the village. 

This and the next, higher but nameless bump provide excellent views over to the Lakeland hills.

After a short debate, influenced as much as anything by Mike never having previously visited it, we determined that Skeggles Water should be our next objective.  This entailed dropping down to the River Kent (passing the scene of Stan’s dog whispering triumph several years ago) and on to Ullthwaite Bridge.

Many a Kendalian has, hanging on his or her wall, a picture of their family stood or sat on this bridge, taken by renowned photographer Annabel Williams.  As is traditional on BB walks, we took our Comitibus photo here, emulating her pictures but with no fee involved!

Comitibus:  Don, Mike, Stan

After crossing the river we climbed up the saucily named H P Plantation following which was a long trek over moorland.  I was hoping we might see an adder as has happened one plus one times before but not today.

Eventually we reached the tarn to discover that the shooter’s hut is now just a pile of stones where the walls used to be.  It still made a good place to stop for lunch.

After visiting the tarn we set off on our return.  Before long we encountered a most unusual creature, one that we had not seen all day.  A human.  Indeed a female human, or at least I think it was, of indeterminate age carrying a very large and full rucksack

Somehow she reminded me of the Ancient Mariner as she stoppeth one in three.  Mike was the lucky chap; Stan and I just avoided her wild gaze and relentless wittering and pressed on.  It seems that she had been wild camping in order to see a snipe.  Or was it a snark?  She babbled on about wishing she was in Spain and I think Mike agreed she should be. 

Anyway we escaped and made our way back down to Staveley, passing on route the farm with, by the side of the road, its ancient stone storage hut now well camouflaged with vegetation.....

..... and a display of washing for Margaret!

Joy of joys, the Hawkshead Brewery was open and at last allowing people inside.  Not that we went in.  We sat out the front whilst a drone hovered over us- presumably because we are so good looking that we were specially selected to appear in their promotional video.

Happy from the joys of the Brewery and the news that in future Boris would permit us to car-share, we cool people skeggled our various ways back home.

Don, Wednesday 19th May 2021

Route:  Map: OS 1:50k


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BB2121 : Skeggling


Wednesday 19th May 2021


Reston Scar, Skeggles Water


Don, Mike B, Stan

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