BB2123 : Ten Knobbly Knees

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Ne’er cast a clout till the May is out.  Well, the May was most certainly out.  In profusion.  And for the first time this year lower leg clouts had been cast and ten knobbly knees (fourteen if you include Holly) were also out.

After a bit of fox, goose and haring with the cars, we set off from Café Ambio at the 1818 Auction Mart watched by an impressive line of tractors.

The target was Farleton Knot but not, insisted Tony, by the nose.  I sympathised.  It is a brutal way up.  Instead we meandered over the canal and through fields to Aikbank.  I had forgotten that no trouser leggings meant exposure to nettles.  And brambles.  And tics.  And sunburn.  And wolf-whistles!

After crossing Puddlemire Lane (what a name!) we found the old quarry track which provided a reasonably gentle ascent.  Certainly far more civilised than on the other side.

Farleton Knott is a great view point but today the weather was a bit hazy.  We couldn’t see Blackpool Tower but TV Mike did identify the Williamson Monument down at Lancaster.

After crossing several limestone pavements.....

.....a bit of bad navigation on my part led us to a wall that, once crossed, provided a good place to stop for lunch.  Some of us had only brought meagre rations as we were looking forward to the Fish Finger Baps at Burton-in-Kendal's King’s Arms.

We were undecided whether to press on to Hutton Roof Crags.  TVM decided it for us.  He told us about a bird sanctuary that had a viewing platform over the Holme Park Quarry.  The only downside was that we might have to walk slowly as the pub didn’t open until 3 p.m..

The Bird Sanctuary was a revelation.  Not for its birds- we didn’t see much although there was a lot of twittering (some of it from the Bboys).  Partly it was for the May which was in full bloom, the gorse which was almost over but mostly for the view of the quarry.  We hadn’t realised just how big and active it is.

In order to time our arrival at the pub to perfection we thought we would head through Curwen Woods and along the canal before turning up to B-in-K.  However we managed to lose Tony and Stan who had continued down the road.  Robin had brought Holly but she isn’t a rescue dog so we had to seek them out on foot.  By the time we were reunited, we realised that the time lost mean that a revised approach was needed.  Slape Lane.  

This narrow path led us down into the village and we arrived at the pub bang on 3 p.m..  A masterpiece of precision.  We had arranged to meet Stephen there and he too arrived on schedule.

We then had a serious disappointment.  They were not serving food until 5 p.m..  I explained, to no avail, that I had taken the trouble to phone them yesterday and had been assured that Baps would be served from 3 p.m. onwards.  This contradiction didn’t put me in a very good mood.  However after the owners of 10 knobbly and two clothed knees had downed their first pint all was well with the world once more.  Never mind the baps.  Another round please, Landlord.

Don, Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Bonus Pictures from Tony


Comitibus:  Robin, Don, Stan (with Holly), TV Mike, Tony


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 Route:  Map: OS 1:50k


BB2123 : Ten Knobbly Knees


Wednesday 2nd June 2021


Farleton Knott


Don, TV Mike, Robin (+Holly), Stan, Tony

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