BB2126 : Where Are We?

Thursday 25th June 2021

Where are we?  That's the question I ask Jamie every time we go out.  He likes to keep tabs on what his old man is doing with the BOOTboys so part way round our adventure I WhatsApp him a picture of the scenery and ask him to let me know where we are.  

This week I was sure I would have him foxed.  Here is the picture I sent him:

I thought that it was so nondescript with few distinguishing features and in such an obscure place that he would never get it.

Five minutes later he had flown over in his Googlecopter and back came this picture:

Head of Wasdale Beck was his answer.  How did he manage that?  Sure, Uncle Google would take him flying over the Lake District but the Bannnisdale Round? That's so obscure that we never saw a single person all day long but Jamie worked it out.

Mind you, had I taken the picture at the start of the day it might have been a different story.  It was quite misty at Shap summit.

We had faith in the Met Office that it would soon burn off.  That faith was somewhat tested.  An hour later, on the top of High House Bank it was no better and it wasn't until we reached Robin Hood that the Merry Men started to blow the clag away.

By High House fell it was in danger of becoming a nice day and by the time we reached our zenith of Harrop Pike it was positively nice, albeit with a cold breeze. Time for toe repair and lunch (12:00, Tony).  We could see Mosedale Quarry but not the Cottage and also Wet Sleddale but not Uncle Monty's.

The going had been, and would continue to be, quite hard work being mostly across heather tufts or peat bogs.  I was going to say that fortunately the bogs were largely dry but there again that was why we were there.  

Martin had wanted to do the Crookdale Round.....

..... mainly because he hadn't done if before and the recent dry spell had made this the ideal time to go.

I have been before- fifteen years ago on BB0624.  My concluding remarks then were as relevant today:

This was not the prettiest walk we have ever done .... at times the terrain was difficult- tufty with potentially leg breaking hidden holes..... but this was definitely the day to have done it.

The return leg was over similar terrain....

..... with tantalising glimpses of Shap Quarry and the A6.

It was interesting to return after so long but I have no wish to do it again and nor has Martin.  I can't speak for Stan, TV Mike and Robin.  I'm sure Holly wouldn't mind!

Once back in Kendal, I WhatsApped a picture to Margaret saying "Where are we?"

Somehow she knew the answer.  So did Tony!

Don, Thursday 25th June 2021


Don, Martin, Stan, Robin (+ Holly), TV Mike


Map: OS 1:50k


BB2126 : Where Are We?


Thursday 25th June 2021


Crookdale Round, Harrop Pike


Don, Martin, TV Mike, Robin (+ Holly), Stan

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:


GPX track



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