Introducing Scrapbook 2

Scrapbook 2 is's second collection of old photographs and other items of memorabilia.

The first, From the Scrapbook, is a "trip down memory lane" that was triggered by being passed a number of old photographs.

It then developed into a series of anecdotes and reminiscences, illustrated by photographs of Natland of yesteryear.

Scrapbook 2 continues in a similar manner, merging photos kindly donated by
Philip Ball, Alan Brown, Barry Charnley, Daphne Lester, Billy Moffat,
Judith Slater, David Tatham, and others into a broadly chronological record of the changing, and sometimes unchanging, life of villagers in Natland.

If you have any tales to tell about times gone by in Natland or old photographs or other such old material, do get in touch.

Don't worry about having to write things down or converting photos to electronic format,
we will do that it for you.

Why not send an e-mail or phone 015395 61027 and share your memories?


Scrapbook 2 #01
Bonny Jane and the 1935 Jubilee

As far back as the 16th century, there was a Palm Fair held every year on the Village Green in Natland. Itinerant potters would camp on the Green and the Fair could last several days with wrestling, racing, dancing and cock-fighting.  

Subsequently the Fair took place on Palm Sunday only; people would walk from Kendal and enjoy a drop of Mrs Dawson's Nut Brown Ale.  

Discontinued in 1835 or thereabouts, the Fair was commemorated in the song Bonny Jane of Natland which was written by T. Blezard and published in his book of Original Westmorland Songs in 1868,

It was sung to the tune of "Up o'er the moorlands merrily".   Unfortunately, attempts to track down that tune have, so far, proved unfruitful but, in a book entitled Some Westmorland Villages, a compilation published by The Westmorland Foundation of Women's Institutes in 1957, it is suggested that it might also be sung to the tune of "Boys and Girls Come Out To Play".

Some folk remember the song as Bonny (or Bonnie) Jean, rather than Jane, and that would rhyme rather better with green and queen. Maybe it was pronounced closer to Jean than Jane in the local accent?

The song was produced as a play in 1935 by the Women's Institute and performed on the Village Green as part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations.  Between each verse there was folk-dancing.  Christine Moore's mother, Laura Crabtree, played the role of Bonny Jane.

Bonny Jane again featured on the Village Green in June 1977, once more as part of Jubilee celebrations, this time in a parade.

This was referred to in a letter to the Westmorland Gazette from a Walter Jesson which in turn inspired a letter, quoted by Whin Inglesfield in her book, Natland and Oxenholme - The story of a Westmorland village, from a Mrs Elsie Fitzsimmons that appeared in the Westmorland Gazette of 8th July 1977.

She tells of the Natland W.I. in May 1935, of which she was then secretary, putting on "a delightful original item" on Natland Green entitled Bonnie Jane of Natland, produced by Mrs V M Feesey of Fisherflatt.  

Mrs Fitzsimmons went on to reproduce a poem that she wrote to record the event. The Westmorland Gazette, on the other hand, did not report this event, although it did describe other Jubilee celebrations in Natland:

The celebrations began with a service which was attended by the Brownies led by Miss Tamar Preston; the Girl Guides led by Miss Crewdson, the ex-Servicemen under Col. W. D. Crewdson, and a large congregation of parishioners.  A short address was given by the Rev. E. J. Millar, vicar, and Mr. Temple was at the organ.

Other activities included children's sports, in a field lent by Mr. E. Kendall, and tea. The prizes were presented by Miss Crewdson. People over 60 year of age were entertained to tea in the school and Mr J. Speed was loudly applauded when he sang an old song, "Bulls and cows," the chorus being taken up by the company.

A whist drive was held later in the evening.

The beacon on Helm was one of the best in the neighbourhood.  The pile was lit by Mrs W. D. Crewdson at 10 p.m. in the presence of a large crowd.  The rockets were fired by Mr. Miles Fothergill. The National Anthem was sung enthusiastically.

The beakers, provided by the Education Committee, were presented at the School on Friday.

The article is reproduced with the kind permission of  The Westmorland Gazette.

Other references to Bonny Jane of Natland are to be found on Daphne Lester's map of Natland and Oxenholme as well as on her Natland picture exhibited at this year's Art Show.

It was also the inspiration for Whin Inglesfield's Natland Palm Fair appliqué.

More information about Natland Palm Fair can be found in Natland and Oxenholme - The story of a Westmorland village.

Thanks to John Chandler, John Inglesfield, Whin Inglesfield, Tony Kelly, Daphne Lester, and Christine Moore for helping with the research.  

Original Westmorland Songs by T Blezard


Bonny Jane of Natland

Natland Fair shall be my song,
long ago when time was young
Then a blythesome merry throng,
held Palm Fair at Natland.

Palms were round the village born,
Palms the dwellings did adorn,
Crowds assembled round the thorn,
on the green at Natland.

'Twas a blythesome sight to see,
swains and sweethearts full of glee,
Dancing round the hawthorn tree,
on the green at Natland.

Then the blythe young shepherd swains,
used to piping on the plains
Always hushing forth their strains,
at the fairs at Natland.

Then a jolly Potter race,
had a noted dwelling place,
Which they'd had from early days,
in the midst of Natland.

Then there dwelt nigh to the green,
Bonny black eyed Potter Jane,
Natland's boast and beauty's queen,
Bonny Jane of Natland.

Shepherd John, a blythesome swain,
dwelling near to Beathwaite Green,
Left his flock on Sizergh plain,
crossed the dale to Natland.

There amidst the fair and glee,
Lovely Jane he chanced to see
Dancing round the hawthorn tree,
on the green at Natland.

Kindly he addressed the maid,
lovingly unto her said,
Be not angry nor afraid,
Bonny Jane of Natland.

Do not, fair one frown on me,
if I sit me down by thee
Here beside the hawthorn tree,
on the green at Natland.

That depends dear sir said she,
on your own civility,
This is called the lover's tree,
on the green at Natland.

Underneath its shady boughs,
lovers oft have made their vows,
Sit you down sir if you choose,
on the green at Natland.

Coulds't thou love a shepherds life,
coulds't thou love to hear me pipe,
Wilt thou be my loving wife,
Bonny Jane of Natland.

This can't be, quoth she, kind sir,  
I must ramble here and there,
Travelling with my earthenware,
still my home is Natland.

Listen, oh listen thus said John,
I can bring my flock to roam
Round about thy darling home,
round the green at Natland.

There in peace and unity,
happy happy we shall be,
Here beside this hawthorn tree,
on the green at Natland.

Before the year had passed and gone,
Jane was married unto John
Long they dwelt beside the thorn,
on the green at Natland.

Many years they lived to see,
Natland Fair and rounds of glee,
Dancing round the hawthorn tree,
on the green at Natland.

Natland is our native place,
many of our jolly race
now have lived to end their days,
gone to rest at Natland.

Detail from Natland Palm Fair by Whin Inglesfield


Does anyone have any photos of Bonny Jane or anything else from either the 1935 or 1977 Natland Jubilee Celebrations?  If so, why not share them on


Scrapbook 2 #02
1935 Natland Open Sports

as advertised in the Westmorland Gazette.





(Under Distinguished Patronage).

President: Lt.-Col. W. D. Crewdson


These SPORTS will be held at


(Main Kendal - Endmoor Bus route)

on SATURDAY, JUNE 1st, 1935


Hound Trail, 4-30 p.m. (under H.T.A. rules), £10.

Puppy Trails, 2-30 p.m. (under H.T.A. rules), £7.

Guides Race, £5.

Open Gallop (handicap), about 1 mile, £4 in Prizes.

Open Pony Gallop (handicap), under 14 h.h., about ¾-mile, £3.

Open Gallop (handicap), Lady Riders, about ¾-mile, £3.

One Mile Handicap Race, Half-mile Handicap Race, Quoiting at 7 yards £1 15s.  Prizes for Ladies and Children's Races (Entry Free).


Entry Fees:  Hound Trail and Horse Races, 2s. 6d.; other Events, 1s.

All Entries for Foot and Horse Races to be sent to the Hon. Secretary,
Mr J. W. Huck, Barrows Green, near Kendal,
not later than Wednesday, May 29th, 1935.

Entry Forms now ready.


First event 1-30 p.m.

Refreshments will be provided by Mr J Marshall.


Admission to the Field (including tax) 1s. 3d.; Children 6d.

Motors 2s. 6d.  Occupants paying ordinary Admission prices.
 Stalls and Stand 5s each.



Same Date, at 7-30 p.m.

Reproduced with the kind permission of The Westmorland Gazette

Next time in Scrapbook 2:
The Results and a "tense moment" of life-endangered drama at Natland Sports.


Scrapbook 2 #03
1935 Natland Sports Results

The Westmorland Gazette of 8th June 1935 reported on the Natland Sports held the previous Saturday.


Hound Almost Caught By Express Train


Natland's 15th annual sports, held in a field at Barrow Green, lent by Mr J. W. Huck, on Saturday, were favoured with fine weather which, together with the excellent programme of events attracted people from a wide area, the "gate" being the largest for many years.

An exciting incident occurred in the puppy trail.  Waltz Away and Coldstream were running a close race, near the railway line, where the aniseed was laid through a "cattle creep".  As Coldstream was nearing the line the Carlisle-Preston express was seen approaching.  To the surprise of the spectators Coldstream ran off the trail and on to the line.  The puppy ran down the four foot way, and it seemed certain that it would be run over, but it turned across the line and down the embankment a few seconds in front of the train.

Great interest also centred in the horse events, the gallops being a feature of the sports.


Mr S. J. Freeman started 12 runners in the puppy trail, which resulted: 1 Atkinson's Waltz Away, Broughton; 2 Gill's Coldstream, Windermere; 3 Miss H. Harrison's Harmony, Kirkby Lonsdale; 4 Fell's Faithful, Windermere; 5 Mrs Bottomley's Idle Lass, Grasmere; 6 Wilson's Ruby, Windermere.  Time 23 mins. 42 secs.

There were 26 old dogs sliped.  Result:  1 Unsworth's Joker, Kendal; 2 Stansfield's Skiddaw, Windermere; 3 Pattinson's Wild Echo, Borrowdale; 4 Wilson's Cowboy, Troutbeck; 5 Middleton's Slip Away, Burton; 6 Miss Harrison's Valentine, Kirkby Lonsdale.  Time 25 mins.

There was only a small entry for the guides race, which was to the top of Helm and back to the field.  Jack James, Kirkby Lonsdale, came out an easy winner.  In the local events, the married men's race had over 40 competitors and was run in heats.

Col. W. D. Crewdson, Helm Lodge, was president of the Sports Association, with Messrs. H Stephenson (chairman), J. W. Huck (secretary) and R. Wilson (treasurer). Members of the committee who carried out the duties of stewards were Messrs. W. Howson, J. C. Dixon, H. Howson, F, Craghill, E. Gibson, J Howson, W. Greatorex,
J. Little, F. Corrie, R. Bindloss, T. Hodgson, J. Still, F. Heap (Kendal), J. Allen,
H. Gibon and V. Reed, assisted by T. Mooney.  Messrs. H Howson and W. Greatorex were judges of the foor races, with J Wright (Kendal) time keeper.  The trailers were F. Middlebrough and A. Rawlinson.


The race results were:

Mile- 1 W. R. Palmer, 2 E. Bleasdale, Carnforth.

Open gallop- 1. J. H. Edgar, 2 T. Prickett.

Pony Gallop (lady riders)- 1 J. H. Edgar, 2 M. Davies.

Half-mile- 1 J. Wilding, Ulverston; 2 W. R. Palmer, Kendal; 3 E. Bleasdale, Carnforth.

Guides race- 1 J. James, Kirkby Lonsdale ; 2 A Jones, Halton ; 3 J. S. Nelson, Stainton.

Quoits- 1 T. Hobson, Hutton Roof ; 2 J. Ellwood, Skelsmergh ; 3 T. Martindale, Skelsmergh.

Local events.- Girl's race (14 years and under)- 1 Ellen Knowles, 2 Daphne Hamilton, 3 Margaret Pennington.

Boys race, do.- 1 Kenneth Gregson, 2 John Handley, 3 Allan Burton.

Singles ladies' race- 1 F Martindale, 2 P Watts, 3 A. Clark.

Married men- 1 J. W. Nelson, 2 E Burrow, 3 L. Barwise.

Married ladies- 1 Mrs. H. Howson, Kendal; 2 Mrs. Nicholson.

Reproduced with the kind permission of
The Westmorland Gazette


Scrapbook 2 #04
The Natland Park Farm Fire

On 1st August 1937 there was a fire at Natland Park Farm which became the subject of a Westmorland Gazette article:

100 Tons of Hay Destroyed

Damage estimated at several hundreds of pounds was done by a fire at Natland Park Farm, on Sunday, which destroyed about 100 tons of this year's hay.

About 5:20 a.m., a maid in the employ of Cannon E. J. Miller, vicar of Natland, saw the flames whilst looking through a window of the vicarage, and she informed  Cannon Miller who telephoned to Kendal Borough Police and summoned the Fire Brigade.

In charge of the Chief Constable (Mr. P. O'Neill), the Brigade turned out immediately and on arrival found that the nearest water supply was the Kendal - Lancaster canal, which was half a mile below the farm.  Four policemen were taken out to assist the Brigade in laying the 2,460 feet of hose.

The roof of the barn, which contained about 100 tons of hay, had fallen in, and there was a danger of adjoining buildings becoming involved.  The Brigade concentrated on preventing the flames from spreading, and their efforts met with success.

The task of the firemen was made more difficult by the heat of the sun during the whole of the 12 hours that they were engaged.  The firemen were forced to abandon their uniform, and stripped off to the waist.

Two carts and a number of agricultural implement, which included a reaper, seed roller and cake crusher, were destroyed.

In all, the firemen played over 36,000 gallons of water on to the fire.  Part of a building containing about 25 tons of hay had to be pulled down and the contents removed.

Article reproduced with the kind permission of The Westmorland Gazette
Thanks to Judith Slater for the photos.


Scrapbook 2 #05
Reaping For Victory

The Westmorland Gazette of 17th August 1940 carried this photograph and text

Harvesting in Natland Park

The binder reaping for victory at Natland Park, near Kendal

Reproduced with the kind permission of The Westmorland Gazette

The photo below is Judith (ex Kendall) Slater's from about the same time.


George Wenman saw this item and commented:

My memories, often gained by looking out through the bay window of St. Marks to the field opposite, was about those big cart horses walking steadily back and forth, ploughing or just there for other tasks.  Sometimes we boys helped or scavenged after the main potato harvest had been taken away.  In my mind I also have a picture of the hedgerows down towards the village having lots of wispy straw, left behind when the loaded carts passed by.


Scrapbook 2 #06
The Happy Evacuee

In Greta's Tale, Greta Romaine (formerly Clark) told of being Evacuated To Stay With A Lovely Aunt in Natland Mill Beck Lane during the war.  
Early Working Days tells how that experience influenced her future career.
There was also a poem dedicated to her
Wartime Mum.

As she promised, Greta has now written more about her time in Natland. In
The Happy Evacuee she looks back at Natland, Natland Mill Beck and surrounding area in wartime.

Farm Cottage and Chapman's Farm


Topics covered include:

  • Helm Lodge and the Crewdsons
  • Round the Farms
  • Natland Mill Beck
  • Canal and River
  • Going to Church
  • The Lodge
  • Up Helm
  • Steam Outings
  • Outdoor Activities


To find out more visit Greta's Tales.

Greta adds that "I do a cheap B&B as I have a self-contained big loft conversion in a nice area of St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.  If any residents of Natland would like a southern break, they are weclome!"

You can contact Greta via


Scrapbook 2 #07
Dear Daddy, Win The War

Alan Brown's father was abroad serving his country during the war.  
Here is a postcard that Alan sent to his daddy.

17th November 1944
Dear Daddy,  
Thanks for Billie's and my p.c..  
Win the war and come home soon.  
Love from Billie, Mammy and Grandpa.
 Lots of love and xxx from Alan.

The date on the envelope on the right, again addressed to Alan's father, is not clear but may be 4th July 1945.

Thanks to Alan Brown for the items.


Scrapbook 2 #08
Natland School 1947

Here are the pupils and staff of St Mark's School in 1947.
Compare with
Scrapbook #08- believed to be 1948.

5th Row: ?, ?, Ronnie Holmes, ?, ?, ?, Peter Sennick, ?, ?, ?, Reginald Capps, ?, Thomas Dixon, ?, ?, ?

4th Row:  Edth Kirk, Margaret Croft, Rita Lothian, Vera Lothian, ?, Elizabeth Dunn, ?, Dorothy Cottam, Phyllis Sennick, Kathleen Wilson, Dora Kitchen, ?, Betty Kirk, ?, ?, ?

3rd Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,  Mr Bruce Reid, Mr Sam Inglesfield, Miss Dale, ?, ?, ?, ?,  Geoffrey Wightman, Alan Brown

2nd Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Front Row: Bob Dodgson, ?, ?, ?, David Tatham

Can you identify the unknown pupils? 

Dora Bianchi recalls that several of the older boys on the back row came from St Mark's Home.  One she remembers particularly, Reginald Capps, as he was always getting into trouble!

Thanks to Judith Slater for the photo.


Scrapbook 2 #09
Natland School Sports 1947


I don't know what you would call this event- a sort of Harness Race?  

Can anyone identify the runners or the judge?

Thanks to Judith Slater for the photo
 Editor, 14th October 2010

Dora Bianchi subsequently advised that Judith Kendall (Slater) is the girl in the middle at the back. It was a horse and jockey race, the front ones have reins on. She asks if the judge is Arthur Brown?  Confirmed by Barry Charnley.


Scrapbook 2 #10
Natland Fancy Dress 1948

Edith Kirk, ? Atkinson, Margaret Kirk, ??, Dorothy Cottam, Betty Kirk, John Mansfield, ??, ??, Judith Kendall, Peter Humber, Roger Sharpe, Geraldine Sharpe, Dorothy Slater

Thanks to Judith Slater for the photo.


Scrapbook 2 #11
A Bicycle Made For Three; 1950?

Is this the same boy as in Scrapbook 20 standing smartly to attention whilst George Holmes holds the bike and David Tatham and, we think, Geoffrey George eat their sandwiches in the trailer?  And is the boy in question Geoffrey Wightman?

And the year?  Maybe 1950??

 Thanks to David Tatham for the photo


Scrapbook 2 #12
Natland School Photo

Joanna Dodgson passed this photo of her father, John, and uncle, Bob, at Natland school, circa 1951 or 2.  

So far, with the added help of Dora Bianchi, Alan Brown, Barry Charnley and John Inglesfield the following identifications have been made:

Back Row: 
Teacher Colin Heighton, Michael Howson , ? , David Saul (?) , David Tatham 

Third Row:
Barry Charnley,
? , Bill Brown , ? , ? , Richard Swainbank

Second Row:
Ian Howson,
Marion Huck, ? , Diane Huck, Margaret Kirk, Geraldine Sharpe , ?

Front Row:
John Inglesfield, Bob Dodgson, John Dodgson

Can you identify anyone marked "?"


 Scrapbook 2 #13
1951 Christmas at the Browns

It is Christmas 1951 and here are Natlanders assembled at the Browns- Arthur being the left-most man and Kathleen the left-most lady.  The lady in the middle holding the bottle is Louisa Kendall.  But who are the other people and what are they drinking?

Thanks to Judith Slater and Philip Ball for the photo.
10th January 2011


Scrapbook 2 #14
The Headteacher's Daughter

Adrienne Storm has provided the two photos of Natland School House and the Village Green taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s.  You can read her reminscences of her time in Natland by clicking on The Headteacher's Daughter.


Can you identify the young girl running along the Village Green?

For more pictures and tales of old Natland, see
From The Srapbook





 Scrapbook 2 #01:

Bonny Jane
and the 1935 Jubilee

 Scrapbook 2 #02:

Natland Open Sports

  Scrapbook 2 #03:

Natland Sports Results

  Scrapbook 2 #04:

The Natland Park Fire

Scrapbook 2 #05

Reaping For Victory

Scrapbook 2 #06

The Happy Evacuee

Scrapbook 2 #07

Dear Daddy, Win The War

Scrapbook 2 #08

Natland School

Scrapbook 2 #09


Natland School Sports

Scrapbook 2 #10

Natland Fancy Dress

Scrapbook 2 #11

A Bicycle Made For Three

Scrapbook 2 #12

c 1950/1
Natland School Photo

Scrapbook 2 #13

Christmas at the Browns

Scrapbook 2 #14

Late 50s / early 60s
The Headteacher's

  See also
From the Scrapbook




Introducing Scrapbook 2

Scrapbook 2
second collection of
old photographs and other items of memorabilia.

The first,
From the Scrapbook,
is a "trip down memory lane" that was triggered
by being passed a number of
old photographs.

It then developed into a series of anecdotes
and reminiscences, illustrated by photographs
of Natland of yesteryear.


Scrapbook 2
continues in a similar manner, merging photos kindly donated by
Philip Ball,
Alan Brown,
Barry Charnley,
Daphne Lester,
Billy Moffat,
Judith Slater,
David Tatham,
Adrienne Storm
and others into a broadly chronological record
of the changing, and sometimes unchanging,
life of villagers in Natland.






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The Church on the Green

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