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GLW1107 : Farleton Knott

Friday 5th August 2011

Another short walk on which to take Jamie during his all too brief August stay.

For many years Farleton Knott has been a beacon for us as we headed up the motorway, signifying the turn-off for Kendal.  However, other than a climbing expedition with an unusual feature in the 1970s (see the reference in BB0838), it took me until August 2005 (BB0511) to make my first ascent and sometime later for Margaret.  Jamie had never been up despite it being only eight miles south of us.

It was a beautiful evening when we parked near Holme Park Farm and made our easterly way up the bridle path.  We avoided the temptation of the first path up to the Knott and continued through a further gate before taking the second opportunity.  

This climbs up a sloping platform with a limestone cliff dropping away to the left and another, smaller, edge climbing to the right.  Towards the top, the path becomes narrower and the cliffs more pronounced.  The track is actually slightly exposed as you near the summit, although the drop can be avoided by climbing up onto the limestone pavement.

Either way round, the high point of the walk is at the northerly end of the limestone pavement.  From here you drop down to the wall / fence.  We went west and crossed where many people do but it is perhaps not the best way as, again, there is some potential exposure and it is not an official stile.  The safer way lies a bit to the east.

Whichever, it is then a short climb to the trig point which gives a splendid view over just about everywhere within 30 miles or so.

Our way down was by heading south, crossing the wall by the stile below the top crag and then following the trail back to the bridle path and the road.

We rounded off the evening with a tapas type meal at The Plough at Lupton which was very good although the pub was untypically quiet for a Friday at that time of year.

Don, 5th August 2011




5th August 2011


3.3 miles

Height climbed:

698 feet

Key Features:

Farleton Knott


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