BB1046 : Uncle Monty's, Please!

Thursday 28th December 2010

Uncle Monty’s place, please!” requested Tony when we were discussing where to go for our 2010 Grand Finale.

Coupling that with lunch at the Mosedale Cottage bothy seemed a good idea as an all-weathers outing.  I was curious to have another look inside as I had picked up some gossip about it having been used as an Al Qaeda training camp but was unable to find any evidence to support this on the internet.

There was a good response.  As promised by Tony if we visited Uncle Monty’s place, his son Alex with wife Helen debuted as also did BOOTboys follower, Steve and his friend Mark.  Add year-end regulars Ian and Martin to Roger and myself and it was the largest turnout of the year.

A rather low Wet Sleddale Reservoir

Unfortunately, the snow was melting fast as we congregated at the strangely low for the time of year Wet Sleddale Reservoir.  The mist was down and, although it was not actually raining, it was damp in the air yet icy under foot.

We set off up the valley, crossed the beck and climbed up to Uncle Monty’s, a.k.a. Sleddale Hall.  

To recap, this is the building that, under the title Crow Hall, was featured in the film Withnail and I and has achieved iconic status for afficianados of the film.  

Previous visits (see BB0812, BB0831 and BB0907) have included tours of the inside but now that it has been sold (at the second attempt) it is securely boarded up. Signs announce the fact of a new owner and that should you wish to see the inside of the house please contact Tim at

Comitibus: Sleddale Hall

Slightly frustrated, we headed off up the valley, in quite poor visibility. In a plastic bag, Mark found some mechanical part that Tony clearly coveted.  I haven't a clue what it was.

Tony covets Mark's find

Crossing Mosedale Beck

Over the moor we went to drop down into Mosedale.  After crossing the beck by the bridge we worked our way up to Mosedale Cottage where the swollen beck had to be recrossed without the assistance of artificial means.

Someone had arrived at the cottage before us.  Inside was a young man awaiting his pals from Shap. They were planning to stay the night and maybe do some work on the cottage.  Or maybe not.  His attempt to light the stove was fairly half hearted but fortunately we had come prepared with lighters, kindling and logs so soon got a decent fire going.  

Mosedale Cottage....

Whilst we were having lunch, two of his friends arrived on a quad bike.  More were expected.  After all, the cottage has been refurbished with some very comfortable armchairs and now makes an excellent venue for a night away from civilisation.

It was a bit brighter when we left and as we returned to the bridge, a trail bike appeared heading up the valley.  

Another pal arriving.

We met one more, on foot this time, as we crossed back over into Wet Sleddale.

..... and its incumbent

A late arrival

Reapproaching Sleddale Hall

After passing by Sleddale Hall once more, we spotted the handiwork of the local molecatcher.  Shortly afterwards the party split into two.  A breakaway group of three decided to see if it was possible to cross back to the other side of the reservoir via the dam wall.  No names, no pack drill, but the more law abiding of us (i.e. wimps) opted for the much longer road route, spotting on the way a Victorian Post Box (Tony likes them) and some fell ponies.

Murdered moles- the evidence

Victorian post box

The dam wall

A Fell pony- click for more

Actually, the renegades failed in their objective due to the depth of the overflow drop but did manage a direct route back to the cars along the foot of the dam.  As the rest of us came up the road, we were passed by a United Utilities vehicle heading up to the car park.  Had they been spotted on closed circuit tv and were being pulled in for trespassing?

Crossing the beck- legitimately

United Utilities protecting its property

When we arrived, the three were engaged in conversation with the driver but it turned out to be totally amicable.  He was explaining that 33 million litres of water were taken from the reservoir daily for the benefit of the salmon in the River Eamont.   At least, that’s what I understood the explanation to be although it does seem rather far fetched.  It might explain the lack of water, however.

And so ended another BOOTboys year.  A good way to finish and a record year in many ways- number of outings (46 reports), distance walked (516 miles), height climbed (128,000 feet) and number of participants (19).

Don, 29th December 2010




Thursday 28th December 2010

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:




Other Features:

Uncle Monty's Cottage, Mosedale Cottage


Alex, Don, Helen, Ian, Mark, Martin,
Roger, Steve, Tony

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