BB1109 : Up The Spout

6th April 2011

Last week’s aching muscles reminded several of us that we weren’t as fit as we used to be.  How would we fare this week with a potentially more strenuous outing?  

A change from Thursday to Wednesday did not prove universally popular, especially as the forecast for today was for winds of up to 75 mph!  Perhaps not exactly ideal circumstances to blood new BOOTboy, James!

Cautley Spout was our first objective so we parked just beyond the Cross Keys Temperance Inn, crossed the River Rawthey and set off in that direction.  The early morning rain had finished but it was not yet the best of days.

Crossing the Rawthey


We wondered if the wind might be strong enough to blow the water in the falls upwards. The climb became increasingly steep, albeit on ground with well-laid stones.  The falls are quite spectacular but the water was continually obeying gravity- the wind here was not sufficiently strong to cause any other result.

Cautley Spout comes into view

Looking back down Cautley Home Beck

Close up on the lower Spout

Cautley Spout upper falls

Once the upper falls came into view we diverted to the right and then began the even steeper climb to Yarlside in increasingly windy conditions.  Reaching the shoulder, we dropped down the other side somewhat for shelter to take what some thought was a coffee stop but for others was lunch!  

Comitibus: Yarlside

The view to the north from the Comitibus stop

Refuelled to a greater or lesser extent, we pressed on to the summit in an extremely strong and uncomfortable wind.  Not a place to linger.

A fell pony

Yarlside summit

A 400 foot steepish drop and 260 foot sharp climb brought us to Kensgriff summit from whence the original plan had been to carry on to Randygill Top and Green Bell.  Not today.  We had had enough of the howling gale and opted instead to drop down by Stockless Gill to the other side of the valley.

Kensgriff from Yarlside

Looking back to Yarlside

Bryan shows the way off Kensgriff

Looking back across to Yarlside and Kensgriff


The path down the valley involved first a brief climb partly up Wandale Hill.

Had the weather been kinder this summit might have been our final objective but not today! We continued along the path down the valley.

A strange feature was the amount of frogspawn lying on the grass- not in puddles.

En route we stopped for first / second (delete as appropriate) lunch, now in full sunshine.

At Narnthwaite we followed the path that swings northwest to cross the beck only to discover that the means of crossing is a ford and the beck was in spate.  Unperturbed we took the alternative path down to the footbridge only to find that it no longer exists and the public footpath signs have been extensively removed (albeit not from my recently purchased mapping software).  The consequence was a longer and less pleasant than necessary detour to the north east followed by a road slog back to the car.  

The ford

The path signs

The bridge!


Although not our longest walk of the year to date, by some distance this had had the most climbing and much of it fairly steep.  Old age continues to creep up on us!  Several of us were showing signs of weariness although James, it must be said, had coped well.

Don, 6th April 2011

Bryan subsequently sent this information:

A couple of links of interest concerning yesterday’s walk:

First is to photos & report of a climb of Cautley Spout in winter.

Second is to the rescue team report of the climber who fell there and died last year (on 26th December).





Wednesday 6th April

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:


Wainwrights (Howgill Fells):

Cautley Spout, Yarlside, Kensgriff

Other Features:



Bryan, Don, James, Pete, Roger T, Stan




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