BB2106 : 13?  Lucky for Some!

Monday 8th - Thursday 11th February 2021

Another multi-day BOOTboy solos week.  Now that most of us have had our first Covid vaccination, hopefully it wouldn't be too long before we can start to meet up for socially distanced outings.  But meanwhile it's as we were.

This week's challenge was for signs of distinction be they blue plaques, directions, warnings, businesses etc. Just two rules:  they must be interesting and no pub signs (we've had most of the best ones already this year).

The Bard of Fullerton was appointed as The Judge.  He (I can reveal his gender) does not and never has lived in the Kendal area nor did he know who had taken which picture so his deliberations were totally unbiased, his impartiality unquestionable and my brother's anonymity is totally protected.

To my surprise The Bard came back with not one but thirteen winners.  Not just lucky for some but for most! Living up to his name, the Bard has published his verdict in rhyme that will be included in his collection "The Rhyme Factory" volume four.  He adds that this is not even available in any bad bookshop.

So, without further ado, I hand over to The Bard Of Fullerton:

I have just been granted a huge accolade,
But fear the decisions that will have to be made,
For I have been asked to adjudicate,
On works of art to which I can relate,
Signs that can be found within several miles of Kendal town,
I must take it seriously; not to let them down.

There are thirty five pictures that I have seen,
And to reject some, I know will be terribly mean,
But I can only accept the very best,
Because for hanging them I might invest.

I don’t know who has laboured long and hard at what,
Not that that matters an awful lot,
I am sure the entrants have all tried so very hard,
To fulfil the entry rules and earn their reward,

So read on and find out whom, as we reach the climaxes,
Will be blessed with Don’s valuable prizes.
Into categories they have gone,
The oldest sign is number one,

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-08 at 20.25.22.jpeg

The second one is my intention,
With the oldest date the sign does mention.

The most misleading signs appealed to me,
For entries in category number three.

Then comes category number four,
That made me laugh until my sides were sore.

Category number five was made,
For Information Overload that made the grade,
So much to read and so much to see,
Take hours to take in unwaveringly.

Number six is an instruction for the wise,
Don’t worry, be happy, and just eat pies.

For a section on the most ornate,
Number seven would be on the plate,

And then a section number eight,
I might just want to create,
A special category I might declare,
For the man who wasn’t there,
In the picture for all to see,
Anonymous he cannot be.

Scenic signs are always a favourite of mine,
So will go into category number nine,

And then if you glance at number ten,
The one you might need to look at again.

For anti-social dog walkers of the nation,
Number eleven might come as a revelation.

For category twelve, it occurred to me,
It would have been loved by Saints Michael and Mary,
Through the arch and round the bend,
And bring this judging towards a sticky end,

A wonderful mix that I could glean,
But I realised that I should, for thirteen,
Declare the one I thought the best in show,
For to see it, I would like to go.

Thank you Bard, though I am slightly worried that you have raised expectations about Prizes.  The honour that you bestow upon them is honour enough.  Hopefully!

At this point the Bard still does not know who sent in which entry, nor indeed will most of the readers.  Scroll on and all will become clear.  Would you have made the same choices?  Let me know.

Meawhile the Bard informs me that he is available for commissions.


The Rev had twelve children! How did he find time to found the NSPCC, or was that his motivation?

Thomas Proctor, ‘The Sculptor of Settle’, was born here in The Spread Eagle Inn, now a private house. In 1777 he enrolled at the Royal Academy where he won a number of medals for painting and sculpture. Poor chap died penniless.

The Dales then The Lakes –
no arguing with that strap-line!

Just out of shot are dozens of casks
awaiting a fill – but when oh when?

Coming home - a favourite view to High Hill.


Golf's difficult enough. OK you might not miss the ball but what a scary mess!

Excellent Covid philosophy

Shouldn't they be software?


A picture of a sign belonging to a disappeared county indicating a place that no longer exists.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-08 at 20.25.54.jpeg

Burton’s Jubilee Panoramic viewpoint,
at the end of Slape Lane, looking north;
the view today was obscured by snow showers,
with Farleton Knott just visible

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-08 at 20.23.35.jpeg

On a lamp post in Burton in Kendal Square,
where today’s temperature was akin to Narnia,
but no fauns were spotted.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-08 at 20.25.22.jpeg

The date plaque on The Manor House
in Burton in Kendal


Passed every day on my way
to Dean Gibson RC School!

Don't use this short cut in the dark!

  This is a drawing of Webster buildings which is in the entrance to Websters Yard.
It was drawn by  architect Mike Stockdale.

My apartment on Thorney Hills was built
by the Websters in 1822


The memorial plaque commemorating the three police officers shot in Oxenholme waiting room on the night of Feb 12th 1965.

Two were wounded but P.C. George Russell was killed. The full report can be found in this link.

I clearly remember the swarms of armed police all over the town.

The assailant, John Middleton (originally from Kendal) was shot in the head and captured the same day.

The anniversary is actually this Friday.

The Angel was notorious even in my day particularly when the M6 was being pushed through Tebay and always full of thirsty navvies. Fights were commonplace.

Mike T reminded me there was a cockfighting pit upstairs! 

For me, this is the most interesting historically.

The grave is in Parkside cemetery, Kendal and is the final resting place of Trooper William Pearson who rode in the charge of the Light Brigade in 1865.

The inscription is quite hard to read now but states:

In Loving remembrance of William Pearson
late of the 4th Queens Own Light Dragoons
and one of the six hundred in
the charge of the Light Brigade
at Balaclava Oct 25th 1854.

He was living at 5 Church View on Aynam Road when he died in retirement in 1909.


 Information overload

BOOTboys welcome!

Adult literacy comes to Milnthorpe


The Levens WI celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2017
and then folded the following year!
We now have a nice picnic table on the site of the original site.


 Is this in memory of the wife
or an advert for the husband?


Now right twice a day at the Brewery
so it wasn't at Shap
"For All Time"?

They have just gone for one!

Kendal's best known spelling miskate


Not being a golfer I had never actually walked around all the holes on Kendal Golf course. But Stan and Don's outing on BB2040 planted the seed.  So with the sun shining and golf currently suspended it seemed a good time to do it.  I'm also not a former magistrate so don't have Stan's sense of authority in asserting my rights to be there!  Instead I asked Mike Fishwick (former captain of the club) to take me round.  It proved to be a very interesting day, and a real insight into the work that goes into running a club.



The Raleigh sign always reminds me
of my youth- shows my age!

This is when an all-steel bike
was a selling feature!





Best Story Award
A longtime BOOT
boys follower has told me how disappointed she was that Tony had not received an accolade for his contributions.  I think this omission was because the Bard had been asked to judge solely on the photographs and had not been presented with the accompanying text.  Indeed he had remarked to me that he had been tempted to commend one of Tony's pictures but he couldn't read the inscription.

It has been subsequently agreed that there should be an additional award for the Best Illustrated Story.

I am delighted to announce that the winner is Tony for his account of Trooper Pearson.

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Later, down in the BOOTboys ZOOMbar:

This week's theme was Beer with, appropriately, Tony in the chair. It was an entertaining session in which each spoke about the beer they were drinking and why.  My choice was Old Tom, which at only 8.5% alcohol is a modest little ale from Stockport.  Like The Judge.







Mike T



Mike B



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