BB2111 : The Orange and the Green

Wednesday 17th March 2021

A St Patrick's Day with a difference. Not a march, no bands no dancing boys and girls.  Just photos.  Mostly of things seen by BOOTboys this week.  A few sometime earlier.  A few poached from other sources.

Our Judge has been asked to pick his favourite.  

Of photos taken by or of BOOTboys he has chosen what he considers to be the Most Interesting, the Best Looking and the Funniest.  

Of those from other sources, the one he likes best.  

And finally the Victor Ludorum, his overall favourite St Patrick Day picture.

So who is the Judge?

None other than our favourite Irishman and one of the original BOOTboys.  

Yes, John S himself, who reminded me that it was 48 years to the day since we encountered the legendary Big Josie in the Burnmoor Inn at BOOT in Eskdale.

Here, in almost no particular order, are the entries.  At the time of judging, John had been given no information as to who had taken which photograph so he cannot be accused of any element of bias one way or another. Apart from the ones where a BOOTboy actually appears in the picture of course.

St Patrick's Church, Preston Patrick

PreSton Patrick Old School House

PreSton Patrick Hall

PreSton Patrick Meeting House


Walks on St Pat's day should be on one's knees

Anyone else entitled to use an Irish Coat of Arms?

Irish reels

To be sure it's a fork in the road

To go with the fork!

Can't see Eire


Second city

Settle gets Patrick-otic!

The Orange and The Green

Proper Irish St Paddy's day..... Guinness and tea around the kitchen table

Twinned with Killarney

Says it all!

Men of Aran setting off for Galway Bay

Top o'the mornin' boys!

The Earl of Ulster

Kendal's Irish Drover road

Benson Hall- a noble 17thC Irish name

The twin peaks of Benson Knott (see above)

Community Cenacolo- Kendal and Knock

The home of Black Kendal Twist and Black Irish Twist tobaccos.
But what has become of the Turk on the wall?  He's vanished!

Lighting up the day

Paddy field

Michael Flatfoot, to be sure

Irish Rover


Sweet Molly Malone with ghost


St James' Gate with ghost


Robin and son, Jonny, at Lansdown Road next Saturday!

The Verdict

John's adjudication was:

Most Interesting:  Can't See Eire

John thought that the obvious fact that one Can't See Eire across the Lakeland hills coupled with the phonetic "See Eire" reflecting the Spanish word for mountains, "Sierra", was especially cunning.  Mike B, who took the picture, was delighted to note that his subtlety had been appreciated.  Except that it was totally unintended!

Best Looking: St Patrick's Church, Preston Patrick

Snapped up by Don before John PL could get there.

Funniest:  The Orange and The Green

John rated Robin's combination of fruit and veg, representing the two factions of Ireland, just ahead of Robin's other creative submission of Eire's second city.

Special Commendation:  Sweet Molly Malone

Although not strictly eligible for an award as it was not a recent picture, John particularly enjoyed the photo of Robin, admiring the vigour with which he had obviously been applying to the now shiny breasted lady.

Victor Ludorum

Finally, Judge John submitted his own anonymous contribution:

Thanks John for your judgements and also for joining us in the ZOOMbar to reveal the results.

Slàinte Mhaith

Don, Thursday 18th March 2021


Tony:  This week’s Irish theme to celebrate St Pat’s day left me seriously at a loss as what to look for. The Angel Inn immediately came to mind known locally for many years as the Dublin Arms but no longer exists, neither does the John Boste club which also had a good number of regulars who were either Irish or of Irish descent. Fortunately my old friend Jean saved my embarrassment by reminding me that Kendal is twinned with Killarney - how could I have forgotten!

Sadly the Town sign pic is my only contribution this week. In a miserable attempt to mitigate my failings and pay suitable homage to the man who got rid of the snakes, I spent time in quiet reflection of all the times I’d got off my face in the auld country - always in excellent company and long to do so again!

Tony's additional contribution to St Pats day (and at the risk of ruining his reputation) a really beautiful song, Rose Of My Heart, that he says you might like to play to your wives or your loved ones!

He adds that Johnny Cash's version is to his mind the best but he ain't a Paddy.

Don: You can call me a cheat if you like.  I went out twice.  Firstly on Monday with Margaret and bagged some things that John PL would probably have had we not got there first.  In particular the "Best Looking" picture of St Patrick's Church so I will dedicate that to him.

Then on Wednesday I had a second helping, this time with Stan.  This included climbing Benson Knott which is the first proper hill I have been up this year.  It was fortunate that Bryan had contacted me on Tuesday night to say that the unofficial way from the south had been blocked off and that now the only legitimate way on and off the fell was from the north. That was highly serendipitous as the Fisher Tarn route was the way I had been planning to go.

11.5 miles, 1,403 feet

Mike: Terry and I set off from Levens and walked the back way to Heversham Head via Levens Kitchen for coffee. We looked in vain for Irish links.  We returned a different way, stopping at LK for another coffee.  No Irish things.

Don:  What about Paddy McGinty's Levens Goats?

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John PL


Judge John S

Mike B

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