Great Little Walks 2022

These pages record Don and Margaret's Great Little Walks of 2022

GLW2201 : Mist Over Windermere
Tuesday 11th January 2022

GLW2202 : A Kentmere Ramble
Saturday 15th January 2022

GLW2203 : A Tarn Hows Round
Thursday 27th January 2022
Tarn Hows

GLW2204 : Betty Botter's
Batter Butties

Wednesday 9th February 2022
Otter Tarn

GLW2205 : To Remind You
When I Expire

Tuesday 15th February 2022

GLW2206 : Giving Two Hoots
Sunday 27th February 2022
Around Cowan Head

GLW2207 : A Great Little Puzzle
Tuesday 1st March 2022
Lupton High

GLW2208 : Knott Again?
Friday 4th March 2022
Howe Hill, Lancaster Canal

GLW2209 : A Night at the
Queen's Head

Sunday 6th & Monday 7th
March 2022
Brothers Water, Troutbeck

GLW2210 : A Warton One Hour Wander
Friday 25th March 2022

GLW2211 : Cloud on the Crinkles
Tuesday 23rd June 2022
L:angdale Valley 

GLW2212 : We're Going To The Chapel
Sunday 21st August 2022
Chapel Island

GLW2213 : The Hunt For The Wind-blown Tree
Saturday 20th November 2022
Humphrey Head

GLW2214 : In The Queen's Footsteps
Saturday 3rd December 2022
Queen Adeleide's Hill

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