BOOT boys 2012

BB1201 : The Eleventh Day of Christmas
Lower Kentmere Valley, Thursday 5th January

BB1202 : The Wearies and a BOOTbaby
High Street, Thursday 12th January

BB1203 : The Air's Like Wine
Scout Scar & Cunswick Scar, Thursday 26th January

BB1204 : Two Men Went To Snow
Yoke, Ill Bell & Froswick, Thursday 2nd February

BB1205 : Part 3 - Why Don't You Get Back Into Bed?
Rydal Water, Thursday 9th February

BB1206 : Armageddon Revisited
Latterbarrow, Thursday 16th February

BB1207 : Some Foolish Things
Wednesday 22nd February

BB1208 : The Colour Supplement
Friday 2nd March

BB1209 : On, On, You Noblest English
Loughrigg, Siver Howe, Wednesday 7th March
Beacon Fell, Thursday 8th March

BB1210 : Tony and the Monster
The Knott, High Street, Wednesday 14th March

BB1211 : Tony's Other Woman
Brougham Castle, Brougham Hall
King Arthur's Round Table, Mayburgh Henge,
Wednesday 21st March

BB1212 : A QuadErratic Equation
Norber Erratics, Thursday 29th March

BB1213 : The Book of the Month
Fairfield Hoseshoe, Thursday 5th April

BB1214 : A Pleasant Morning Stroll.  Or What?
Scout Scar or more Eastern Fells, Wednesday 11th or Tuesday 10th April

BB1215 : This Old Man
Helsington Barrow, Scout Scar, Cunswick Scar
Wednesday 18th April

BB1216 : A Vipera Berus Encounter
The Kentmere Challenge Red Route
Saturday 28th April

BB1217 : Introducing the new WAGs
Shipman Knotts, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell, Wrengill
Thursday 3rd May

BB1218 : Tony's In Charge.  Blindfolded!
Froswick, Ill Bell, Yoke
Wednesday 23rd May

BB1219 :  Withnail and Tim
Sleddale Hall
Sunday 3rd June

BB1220 :  A Route for Roués?
Whitbarrow Scar

Wednesday 6th June

BB1221 :  Counting Them All Back
Gurnal Dubbs

Wednesday 13th June

BB1222 : You Can Drink The Air
Steel Fell, Blea Rigg
Wednesday 20th June

BB1223 : St George and the Squirrel
Shap Wells, Birk Beck

Wednesday 11th July

BB1224 : Deeper, Darker, Danker
White Scar Caves

Wednesday 1st August

BB1225  Travelling Light
High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag, Dow Crag
Hart Crag, Fairfield, St Sunday Crag
Wednesday 8th August

BB1226  His Ass From His 'Owgil
Winder, Arant Haw, Calders, The Dummacks, The Calf, Cautley Spout
Thursday 23rd

BB1227 :  Singing High, High, Low
Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, Thornthwaite Beacon, High Street, Mardale Ill Bell
Tuesday 28th August

BB1228 :  Whip Crack-away
Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle, Loft Crag, Pike o'Stickle
Wednesday 5th September

BB1229 :  Best Bitter and Beef Burgers. Too
Tour of Britain Bike Race
Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar, Helsington Barrow

Wednesday 12th September

BB1230 :  Introducing the B.L.I.M.P. Code
Kentmere Pike, Shipman Knotts, Three Passes
Wednesday 19th September

BB1231 : There's No Plaice For Us
Farleton Knott, Hutton Roof Crags
Wednesday 26th September

BB1232 : Silly, Northern 'addock
Strickland Fell, Sizergh Castle
Thursday 4th October

BB1233 : The Hoteliers' Committee Meeting
Arnside Knott
Thursday 11th October

BB1234 : Who's That Knocking At My Door?
Underley Hall, Barbon, Kirkby Lonsdale
Thursday 18th October

BB1235 : See You, Jimmy!
Wetherlam, Swirl How, Brim Fell, The Old Man of Coniston
Thursday 25th October

BB1236 : Sorry, John!
Easedale Tarn, Codale Tarn, Blea Rigg
Thursday 8th November

BB1237  :  Nothing Ventured.....
Brettargh Holt, Levens Park, Heversham Head, Booths, Fairy Steps
Wednesday 14th November

BB1238  :  Raise-ing the Sticks
Raise, White Side, Sticks Pass
Thursday 15th November

BB1239  :  Send 'er Down, Hughie!
Helsington Barrows
Thursday 15th November

BB1240  :  The Quadrupedal Equation
Seat Sandal
Thursday 29th November

BB1241  :  Tough As Old BOOTboys
Gurnal Dubbs, Potter Tarn
Thursday 6th December

BB1242 : Five Little Boys and The Beast of Barbon
The Calf, Middleton Fell
Thursday 13th December 2012

BB1243 : Ho Ho Santa, Hi-Yo Silver
Jack Reacher
Thursday 20th December 2012

BB1244 : Yuletide Legs
Ashtead Fell, Mabbin Crag, Castle Fell
Sunday 30th December 2012



Other 2012 articles include two by Bryan.  Click on the picture for the article.

Bryan's final Mountain Marathon.  Or is it?

In which Bryan completes the Far Eastern Fells within one month,




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As for the name, BOOTboys, it does not primarily derive from an item of footwear but is in memory of Big Josie, the erstwhile landlady of the erstwhile Burnmoor Inn at Boot in Eskdale, who enlivened Saint Patrick's Day 1973 and other odd evenings many years ago!

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