BB1111 : Kentmere Parts 1 & 2


Kentmere Part 1

Thursday 5th May 2011

It seems that most years there is a period in Spring when the weather in the Lake District is remarkable, often counter to the rest of the country.  But all good things come to an end and the forecast suggested that today would be the day.  But just when that would be remained to be seen- would it allow us a morning up Kentmere?

I had my doubts about Kentmere for other reasons- some of us plan to be there again on Saturday as part of the Kentmere Challenge.  However John S came up with a suggested shortish route that had little overlap with the Challenge and John PL was almost lyrical in his enthusiasm for it so I relented.  Tony was just glad to get out!

It was a somewhat cloudier day than many we have known lately but still a fine morning as we parked near Browfoot.  Our route was to the north, alongside the Kent and the Kentmere Tarn (surely a tautology?), passing the footbridge used by Annabel Williams for outdoor family group photos, the Sawmill Cottage Gallery and the warehouses. 

Comitibus:  Kentmere 2011:05:05

The Pottery Wheel at the Sawmill Gallery

Comitibus:  Kentmere 1990

The warehouse warning

At the south end of the tarn there used to be the end of an aerial runway but now there is little left other than a fine viewpoint and a derelict hut.

Kentmere Tarn

Tony inspects the hut.....

Comitibus:  Kentmere Tarn

and finds.....!

Approaching Kentmere

In contrast, the 14th century pele tower at Kentmere Hall is in remarkably good condition.  Here we turned south onto the higher path and after climbing around Whiteside End found a grassy knoll at the heady height of 1002 feet at which to take lunch.

Kentmere Hall and pele tower

A dashing John

Kentmere Tarn from the higher path

Thereafter it was a gentle stroll along bridle paths before dropping back down to the car.  There was the odd spot of rain in the air but nothing more than that.  The downfall is still awaited!

Don, 5th May 2011


Kentmere Part 2

Saturday 7th May April 2011

Two days later, long awaited rain had fallen.  What’s more, the forecast for today, the Kentmere Challenge walk day, was for bursts of heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lighting.  However it now seemed that after heavy overnight rain, there was to be a calm period until the afternoon.

Seven of us were due to meet at the official start point in Staveley outside the beer hall for a 9 a.m. departure.  Margaret and I saw Ian as soon as we arrived and then noticed James talking to his Rotary buddies with Catherine nearby.  But where were Bryan and Liz?  It is not like Bryan to be late so eventually I phoned and discovered him at home. Yes, he and Liz were still planning to go on the walk.  Tomorrow!!  Oops!!!

So the five of us set off up Kentmere, following the road up the west side of the valley, up which we had driven on Thursday, having a team picture on the same bridge and then progressing along the footpath from Browfoot.

Catherine and Margaret climbing up the back roadr

Comitibus:  Kentmere 2011:05:07

There are many houses in this valley that one might covet, although perhaps not the prospect of actually getting in and out in winter.  In their garages, there are no doubt many vehicles that one might equally covet but perhaps not this Morris Minor!  Not all the residences remain desirable, however.

A house to covet?

No longer a desirable residence- exterior.....

But maybe not the car!

..... and interior

At Croft Head we branched left to climb over Meadowplatts Plantation to rejoin Thursday’s route and the first checkpoint.

Looking across and down Kentmere

The view from the checkpoint

Dropping down into Kentmere, above the Tarn

In the reverse of Thursday, we headed north, dropping down into Kentmere and into the village hall for tea and biscuits.

Kentmere Hall and pele tower

Inside St Cuthbert's Church

Kentmere Village Hall and Church

St Cuthbert's from Green Quarter

After a quick look round St Cuthbert’s Church, we climbed to Green Quarter and then up to Birk Rigg.

Looking back to Green Quarter and across to Kentmere Park

Ian, James and I had a laugh hiding behind a wall to jump out at the girls as they approached a gate.  Ian reckoned we were acting out a scene shown in Last of the Summer Wine in 1975.  And 1982, 1989, 1997 and 2004!  Quite possibly but it was fun!

Reston Scar

River Kent at Staveley

Shortly afterwards it started to rain.  Not the heavy downpour that we half anticipated but more of a spitty drizzle.  For some strange reason we all put on our cags but none of us bothered about over-trousers which explains why we eventually rolled up at the Staveley Beer Hall with rather wet trousers.  Damp but strangely not feeling as if we had just completed a 10 miler.  

Comitibus:  Staveley Beer Hall

The evidence

Must try a longer option next time!

Don, 7th May 2011




Thursday 5th May

Saturday 10th May

Distance in miles:



Height climbed in feet:






Other Features:

Kentmere Hall

Kentmere Village Hall


Don, John PL,
John S, Tony

Catherine, Don, Ian, James, Margaret




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