BB1112 : Five Unknown Tarns

11th May 2011

Stan, another of us on the comeback trail from ailments, wanted something gentle this week so I suggested a circuit of five tarns I had spotted on the map.   These are just six miles from where I live but I had never visited any of them- or even paid any attention to them on paper for that matter!

No-one else was available so it was just the two of us.  If I told you we parked at Icornshaw my betting is you will never have heard of it so to help you identify the location, travel down the A65 past the Plough at Lupton, take the next road on the left, keep right at the next junction and same again just after the intriguingly named Carlingwha.

Pant End

High Row Farm

Our first objective was Tarnhouse Tarn.  This involved heading north west along a track to Pant End then joining the road that led up past High Row Farm to Tinkler Bank and there it was on the left hand side.

Tarnhouse Tarn

Lupton Reservoir was harder to spot.  It is not much further on, along Green Lane but shrouded in trees for most of its length.

Lupton Reservoir hiding

A backwards glimpse!

Next, we had to travel a short section of the B6254- the back road from Kendal to Kirkby Lonsdale- and after Barkin House we turned east.

Barkin House

Barkin House resident!

We passed over the fell to Wyndhammere, which is rather smaller than its one time actual and now phonetic namesake!  Three down.


The path on the far side was supposed to go through a wood but there was no sign of it on the ground and the terrain was difficult underfoot so we took advantage of where a tree had fallen to break the fence to escape along the edge of the field wall.

Once again heading east with a northern interlude along the Old Scotch Road, the fourth tarn was Kitmere but the owners donít want you to see it.  Our apologies for trespassing but we did not damage and took only these photos.

A glimpse of Kitmere

No Public Access


Continuing east, a fine view opened up over the Lune Valley with Middleton Fell opposite us.  The sun was threatening to come out so we stopped for lunch.

Lunch stop, looking over to Middleton Fell

Next we dropped down through a mighty fine display of bluebells to arrive at Rigmaden Park for a team photo with the stunning rhododendrons by the missing gate.  From here, our route lay south westerly to Old Town with its mysterious seemingly abandoned big house.

Bluebell Woods

Rigmadan Hall from the drive.....

Comitibus:  Rigmadan Hall entrance

..... and from the climb

Tarn number five, Terrybank Tarn, is a bit further south and found by taking a track from the road over the hill to the southeast.  First you pass Woodside which is a house rather less pretigeous than Rigmadan Hall!  In its grounds, however, we found a strange sculpture.  At first we thought it was a large stone.  Then we realised it was man made. Finally we discovered its real purpose!  Click on the picture for a clue!


Is it art or what?

It was a disappointment to discover at Terrybank Tarn that, again, the visitor is not really made very welcome!

Terrybank Tarn

From here, it was a relatively short stroll across the fields to Tosca and along the road to Icornshaw and the car.

The whole was a surprisingly pleasant round but the lack of access to and knowledge about the tarns was a little frustrating.  We should have had our tarn expert with us.

Tony- we are relying on you to provide us with the background information about these places, together with accounts of the fish that you have captured in them.  Legitimately, of course!

Don, 11th May 2011




Wednesday 11th May

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:




Other Features:

Tarnhouse Tarn, Lupton Reservoir, Wyndhammere, Kitmere, Terrybank Tarn


Don, Stan




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