BOOTboys 2016

These pages describe adventures of BOOTboys, a loose group of friends of mature years who seek to defy the aging process by getting out into the hills as often as possible.  As most live in South Lakeland, it is no surprise that our focus is on the Lakeland fells and the Yorkshire Dales.

BB1601 : The Mauve Welly BOOTboy
Tuesday 5th January 2016
Brant Fell, Orrest Head

BB1602 : The Mystery Of The Black Cap
Wednesday 13th January 2016
Potter Fell, Brunt Knott

BB1603 : Westmorland is Open
Tuesday 19th January 2016
Grisedale Tarn

BB1604 : You Don't Need a Weatherman
Thursday 28th January 2016
Yewbarrow, Whitbarrow

BB1605 : His Last Day as a Sexagenarian
Thursday 4th February 2016
School Fell, Dales Way

BB1606 : In the Navy ?
Thursday 11th February 2016
Red Screes, Middle Dodd

BB1607 : I Remember Ewe
Thursday 18th February 2016
Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, Calf Crag

BB1608 : 3Ts and 2Ws
Monday 22nd February 2016
Sergeant Man, High Raise

BB1609 : Walking On Thin Ice
Thursday 25th February 2016
Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd
Stybarrow Dodd, Hart Side

BB1610 : Hello Fairies
Thursday 3rd March 2016
Arnside Knott, The Pepperpot, Fairy Steps

BB1611 : Ulterior Motives
Thursday 17th March 2016
Loft Crag, Thunacar Knott, High Raise,
Sergeant Man

BB1612 : Let's Do It !
Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Rest Dodd, The Nab, Angle Tarn

BB1613 : Fabs Two, Three, Four & Five
Thursday 31st March 2016
Place Fell, Beda Fell

BB1614 : Unfinished Business
Thursday 14th April 2016
Side Pike, Big Squeeze, Lingmoor Fell
Cathedral Cave

BB1615 : Not Just Jericho
Wednesday 20th April 2016
Ingleborough, Ribblehead Viaduct

BB1616 : In Praise Of Padded Knickers
Wednesday 27th April 2016
Grizedale Forest

BB1617 : Let Them Eat Cake
Wednesday 4th May 2016
Norber Erratics, Moughton Scar

BB1618 : I'm Not Into Extensions

Thursday 12th May 2016
Selside Pike, Branstree


BB1619 : I'm Looking For The Sun

Wednesday 18th May 2016
Fox's Pulpit

BB1620 : Happy Birthday Dear Wifey

Wednesday 25th May 2016
Ullgraves, Potter Fell, Brunt Knott

BB1621 : Unfinished Business

Wednesday 1st June 2016
Brunt Knott, Potter Fell, Gurnal Dubbs, Taggleshaw Enclosures, Ring Cairn

BB1622 : Déjà Vu.  Or was it?

Wednesday 8th June 2016
Raven Crag, High Rigg

BB1623 : To Boldly Go.....

Wednesday 8th June 2016
Mardale Ill Bell, source of River Kent

BB1624 : IN or OU T? That was the Question Wednesday 21st June 2016
Hartsop Above How, Hart Crag, Dove Crag
Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd

BB1625 : I'm Not Doing That
Wednesday 6th July2016
Pavey Ark, Sergeant Man, Thunaker Knott, Harrison Stickle, Pike o'Sticle, Loft Crag

BB1626 : The BOOTiful BOOTboys of Buttermere

Wednesday 13th July 2016
High Crag, High Stile, Red Pike, Starling Dodd, Great Borne

BB1627 : Hello Darling?
Thursday 14th July 2016
Fellbarrow, Low Fell

BB1628 : Seek And Ye Shall Find
Thursday 26th July 2016
Steel Knott (Pikeawassa), Wether Hill, Loadpot Hill, Bonscale, Arthur's Pike

BB1629 : The Place In The Book
Wednesday 17th August 2016#
Place Fell, Hallin Fell

BB1630 : Something Seldom Seen

Wednesday 24th August 2016
Glenridding Dodd, Sheffield Pike, Hart Crag,

White Stones


BB1631 : Football or Golf or What?

Wednesday 31st August 2016
Casterton Fell

BB1632 : Sticky Toffee and Other Treats

Wednesday 7th September 2016
Mount Barnard, Cartmel, Hampsfell

BB1633 : Schafe können sicher weiden

Wednesday 21st September 2016
Sour Howes, Sallows, Wansfelll

BB1634 : T L ; D R ?

Thursday 6th October 2016
The Old Man of Coniston, Brim Fell,
Grey Friar, Great Carrs, Swirl How

BB1635 : What Is A Tranearth?
Thursday 13th October 2016
Tranearth Quarry, Dow Crag

BB1636 : Solvitur Ambulando et al
Wednesday 19th October 2016
Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle, Thunacar Knott
Sprinkling Head Tarn

BB1637 : The Signs They Are a Changin!
Thursday 27th October 2016
Scout Scar

BB1638 : Then There Were Two!
Thursday 3rd November 2016
The Naddle Round

BB1639 : He Who Shall Not Be Named
Wednesday 9th November 2016
Harter Fell, Kentmere Pike

BB1640 : Spot the Ball
Wednesday 16th November 2016
Casterton Golf Club

BB1641 : Sunrise, Sunset
Thursday 24th November 2016
Red Screes, Dove Crag, High Pike, Low Pike, Scandale Round

BB1642 : The BOOTgolf Battle
Thursday 1st December 2016
Casterton Golf Club

BB1643 : Moonset, Moonrise
Wednesday 14th December 2016
Ullscarf; Harrop, Blea and 6 other tarns

BB1644 : Dear Tony. Dear Bryan
Thursday 22nd December 2016
Rave's Barrow, Gummers How

BB1645 : Amused? Frustrated? Lost? Read On
Friday 30th December 2016
Capple Howe, Sour Howes, Sallows
Settlement, Williamson Monument

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