BOOTboys 2014

These pages describe adventures of BOOTboys, a loose group of friends of mature years who seek to defy the aging process by getting out into the hills as often as possible.  As most live in South Lakeland, it is no surprise that our focus is on the Lakeland fells and the Yorkshire Dales.

BOOTboys 2014

BB1401 : Calling All BOOTboys;  Over.
Thursday 2nd January 2014
Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar

BB1402 : Tongue and Greave
Wednesday 9th January 2014
Troutbeck Tongue, High Mere Greave Quarry

BB1403 : The Knott, the Pot and the Fairy
Thursday 16th January 2014
Arnside Knott, the Pepperpot, Fairy Steps

BB1404 : Ten Years After
Wednesday 22nd January 2014
Nan Bield Shelter

BB1405 : Holme (Not Holm) Sweet Home
Wednesday 29th January 2014
Holme Fell, Hodge Close Quarry

BB1406 : Happy Birthday, Tony
Thursday 6th February 2014
Lang How, Silver How

BB1407 : A Letter To Stan
Wednesday 19th February 2014
Nab Scar, Heron Pike, Great Rigg,
Stone Arthur

BB1408a : A Walk on the Wet Side
BB1408b : Lion, Lamb, Old Woman, Organ
Wedn 26th & Thurs 27th February 2014
Wray Castle, Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, Calf Crag, Steel Fell

BB1409 : The Cathedral Visit
Wednesday 12th March 2014
Side Pike, Big Squeeze, Lingmoor Fell, Langdale Cathedral

BB1410 : Dolly and the Bluebird
Thursday 20th March 2014
Backbarrow, Bigland Tarn
Lakeland Motor Museum

BB1411 : The Hunting of the Snake
Thursday 27th March 2014
Gurnal Dubbs, Potter Fell, the Adder

BB1412 : The Dam Busters March
Wednesday 2nd April 2014
Hayeswater, The Knott, Brock Crag
Angle Tarn, Angletarn Crags

BB1413 : More of a Challenge than a Ramble
Saturday 5th April 2014
Kentmere Rotary Ramble

BB1414 : Seven in a Day
Wednesday 16th April 2014
High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag
Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield,
St Sunday Crag, Birks

BB1415 : King Domnhail and
the Parting Stone

Thursday 24th April 2014
Seat Sandal, Grisedale Tarn
King Domnhail, Brothers' Parting Stone

BB1416 : Eye Spy Sedbergh
Thursday 8th May 2014
Sedbergh School, Brigflatts Meeting House, Ingmire Hall, St Gregory's Church, St Andrew's Church

BB1417 : A Moment To Treasure
Tuesday 14th May 2014
Sour Howes, Sallows

BB1418 : Uchder Yr Wyddfa

Wednesday 21st May 2014
Gowbarrow, Little Mell, Great Mell

BB1419 : Ruby Dooby Ramble Rekkie

Wednesday 28th May 2014

BB1420 : 3 Pillars, 2 Crags & a Quarry

Thursday 5th June 2014
Grey Crag, Tarn Crag, Wrengill Quarry

BB1421 : A Last Look At Hayeswater?

Thursday 12th June 2014
Hartsop Dodd, Stony Cove Pike, Thornthwaite Crag, Gray Crag

BB1422 : Appleby Castle At Last
Thursday 26th June
Rutter Force, Great Ormside,
Appleby Church, Alms Houses and Castle

BB1423 : The Cockpit & the Pulpit, Et Setterah
Thursday 3rd July 2014
Cockpit, Lowther Castle, Ninekirk Church

BB1424 : A Place In The Sun
Thursday 10th July 2014
Place Fell, Hallin Fell

BB1425 : The Crinkle Test
Thursday 17th July 2014
Crinkle Crags

BB1426 : King Of The Mountains
Wednesday 23rd 17th July 2014
Scafell Pike (+ Lingmell & Great End)

BB1427 : Nothing We Do
Is Worth Getting Hurt For

Wednesday 30th July 2014
A Lyth Valley Triangle

BB1428 : These Boots Won't Make No Walking 7th August 2014
Scafell Pike, Allen Crags, Glaramara

BB1429 : A Sting In The Tale
14th August 2014
Dalton Crags, Hutton Roof Crags
Farleton Knott

BB1430 : The BOOTboys Black Combe
Walking Festival

20th August 2014
Black Combe

BB1431 : Up The Eskimo !
27th August 2014
Sca Fell, Slight Side

BB1432 : Just One Cornetto ?
5th September 2014
High Street, Kidsty Pike, Rampsgill Head
High Raise

BB1433 : The Ethic Of Responsibility
11th September 2014
Red Screes, Middle Dodd

BB1433 Extra : The B Party !
September 2014
Ben Nevis via Carn Mor Dearg Arete

BB1434 : The BOOTboy's Bare Botty
17th September 2014

BB1435 : Training For Khiraule
Thursday 2nd October 2014
Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, Thornthwaite Beacon
Mardale Ill Bell, Harter Fell, Kentmere Pike
Shipman Knotts

BB1436 : More Training For Khiraule
Wednesday 8th October 2014
Barbon Fell, Bullpot

BB1437 : Getting High.  Twice!
Thursday 14th October 2014
Low Pike, High Pike

BB1438 : An Interesting Day !
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
Sour Howes, Sallows

BB1439 : Beda and the Appeals
Thursday 29th October 2014
Beda Fell

BB1440 : The Land Of Abandoned Dwellings
Thursday 13th November 2014
Roundthwaite Common, Bretherdale

BB1441 : It's Brim Up There
Tuesday 18th November 2014
Brim Fell, Swirl How

BB1442 : In a Valley Let Alone
Thursday 27th November 2014
Winster Valley, Rosthwaite Heights

BB1443 : The Treetop Trek & Other Adventures
Thursday 4th December 2014
TreeTop Trek

BB144 : Explosive Cyclogenesis

Thursday 11th December 2014

Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar, Helsington Barrow

BB1445 : The Undeterred
Thursday 18th December 2014
Potter Fell, Brunt Knott

BB1446 : Two Left Gloves & Too Small Boots
Sunday 28th December 2014
Dollywagon Pike, Nethermost Piket


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