BB1114 : A March Through The Mist

Wednesday 1st June 2011

Poor Jamie.  A visit home and the rare chance of an outing with the BOOTboys but the forecast for the chosen day was for low cloud and high winds. Not exactly Flaming June!

I had in mind a gentle tour round the villages south of Penrith where things looked likely to be better; however Jamie was keener on Kentmere although not the route initially suggested by Bryan which involved a 1,500 foot more or less direct ascent of Ill Bell from the reservoir; a route that he defended as being one of Wainwright’s.

Stan suggested the choice be left to Jamie and so a more gentle approach was agreed, being the traditional route up Crabtree Brow to the Garburn Pass motorway.  Until, that is, we reached the race route.  Here, predictably, Bryan advocated the more direct ascent of Yoke.  However, this I had done before and knew that although steeper in parts, there were no lurking terrors even though the path soon disappeared into the mist.

Motorway or race route?

The Motorway

On breasting the ridge, our path, a normal one, ran on the opposite side of the wall to the controversially surfaced motorway but before long the two merged.  Yoke, then Ill Bell then Froswick all succumbed with no real photo opportunities other than summit shots.  

Ill Bell summit

Jamie on Froswick

We briefly joined the High Street Roman Road but quickly detoured right around the rim of Kentmere valley.  It took rather longer than we expected to circumnavigate Mardale Ill Bell but eventually we dropped down to the Nan Bield Shelter and found it unoccupied. The ideal lunch stop with its stonework protecting us from the howling gale blowing up from the south.

Reaching Nan Bield

Comitibus:  Nan Bield

Afterwards, we braved the wind and, fortunately, soon dropped down out of the worst of it into the Kentmere valley and the long walk back to the car.

Kentmere Reservoir with Ill Bell behind

It was not quite our longest outing of the year but certainly by a long way the one with the most climbing, although I am pleased to report that once I had completed the first half hour or so, I felt in good fettle all round.

It’s just a pity that conditions did not favour more meaningful photos so here is one taken earlier in the week at Arnside .....

..... and one from last week when Jamie climbed Crete’s highest peak, Mount Psiloritis, which, at 8,058 feet, rather puts today’s efforts into perspective!

To see more of this expedition, visit Flikr Psiloritis .

Don, 1st June 2011

PS To my surprise, we have another Big Josie contribution.  
A National Institution.




Wednesday 1st June

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:


Wainwrights (outlying):

Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick

Other Features:



Bryan, Don, Jamie, Stan




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