BB1116 : Extraordinary And Lesser Mortals

Wednesday 15th June 2011

One thing that separates the extraordinary from lesser mortals on the fells is their ability to complete the Bob Graham Round.  This was touched on in BB1115 and I am pleased to report that Stan's son, Martin, completed the 42 peak, 72 mile round last Saturday, thereby emulating the achievements of his father (and of Bryan).

Stan (you may remember that he and Bryan wanted an easy day out last week in anticipation) reports:

Martin had a good day and finished in 23 hours 5 mins (22 mins faster than me).

He was going strongly all day and had virtually perfect weather.  The support he had was fantastic with probably over a hundred people out supporting him on the day.

On the second leg he had 14 pacers!!  

It's a totally different ball game to when Bryan and I did it, and there are now Bob Graham maps and a quite clear route round.

Nevertheless, it's still a heck of a long way and the equivalent of climbing up and down Everest in a day in height and descent.

Bryan and I climbed Skiddaw to meet them on the first summit with drinks. We also did the tops on the last leg and met them on Robinson, the last top.  I carried on down with them (see photo left) to the finish so completed all the last leg whilst Bryan returned to Honister where he had left his car.

We both enjoyed the super conditions and views and it was great to be part of it.

Photos by tabarca32

Stan subsequently added:

There was a chap from Chesterfield who was effectively doing the round on his own, called Matt Beardshall, and he was adopted by all Martin's supporters and dragged round with Martin. In fact, he appears in the team photo on the last top, Robinson, to the left wearing a cap.  Similarly, see photo of him and his supporters nearing Robinson.  

It turns out that apart from being a fell runner he is also an author and Martin has read one of his books Coast to Coast.  In conversation he asked Martin if he had read his latest book, Run Like Hell and today Martin received a signed copy with a super inscription saying it was a pleasure and an honour to run with Martin and he was inspired by Martin's fitness and hopes they will keep in close contact.  Dallam have also had a super letter from Matt who says he has never known such support and the help and encouragement he received was overwhelming and he wants to become a member and run with the club.


Our expedition today pales into insignificance in comparison, even when one takes age and physical condition into account!  We all have had our physical problems recently (even Superstar Stan) and only this morning I woke early to a massive cramp in my left calf. Was it the product of the new pills on which I started two days ago and would it affect my performance?  Whatever, the outing planned was a modest round of the upper Kentmere valley to test out the progress of John PL's new(ish) knee.

It was not a nice morning.  Damp and drizzloid.  So-called Flaming June in its habitual guise.  Five of us travelled in John PL's car to park by the village hall in Kentmere. There was almost nowhere left to park.  Two minibusses had recently arrived; their identically dressed youths had dismounted and were being briefed in two groups about elementary map and compass work.  Were they borstal boys on a day out?

The unknown walkers

Inspecting the cattle grid

We set off up the western side of  upper Kentmere, passing the unusual cattle grid at Hartrigg, eventually reaching the mining buildings- Reservoir Cottages.  These had been recently renovated but there was no clue as to by whom or to what use they were being put.  All were tightly locked and shuttered.

Upper Kentmere

Reservoir Cottages

 Kentmere Reservoir

At the reservoir, we split into two groups.  The two Johns and Roger made their way across the dam whilst Stan and I took the longer route around the reservoir.  This went well apart from us both getting wet feet when trying to cross the stream at the far end!

Roger, John and John cross the overflow

Stan crossing the stream

Looking back down Kentmere Reservoir

We regrouped at the quarry spoil site below the reservoir on the west side and here we had lunch and the team photo.  Across the valley was a larger spoil site and cave.

Comitibus:  Kentmere

Cave and spoil across the valley

Across the valley

Thereafter it was a gentle stroll back down the valley to Kentmere and the car. JPL's knee seemed to bear up reasonably well.

Looking back up Kentmere

Ancient bridge

Perusal of one of the minibusses suggested that the groups we had seen earlier were actually troops of either the Scots 1 or Prince of Wales 4.  New recruits, I hope, based on their unfamiliarity with maps!  I wouldn't like to think that the defence of the realm rested in their hands just yet!

Don, 15th June 2011

And now for a Big Josie item!


Before She Was Infamous?

Re your series on Big Josie, I am sure she, or her protégé, used to work as a barmaid in Manchester and particularly the Kersal Cell, which is in Salford.

She, or whoever, had exactly the same attributes during the late 60s. She was called Josie, too, and was generously proportioned.

Alan S, 15th June 2011

Was this Big Josie before she moved to Boot?
Is there more to this story yet?  
We are investigating!





Wednesday 15th June

Distance in miles:

7.4 (6.5)

Height climbed in feet:

994 (856)

Wainwrights (outlying):


Other Features:

Kentmere Reservoir


Don, John PL, John S, Roger T, Stan


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