BB1119 : East Side Story

Wednesday 13th July 2011

Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something's coming, something good,
If I can wait!
Something's coming, I don't know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great

Could it be this?  Could this be it?  

Not the continuation of the West Side Story but the inversion of last week's adventure: steamer south from Bowness to Lakeside followed by the East Side Story!

The day started with an odd dilemma.  Whether or not to shave?  Normally I prefer to go out onto the hills unshaven.  I can't quite rationalise this, maybe I kid myself that I am the wild man of the hills! However starting and finishing at the Linthwaite House Hotel made me wonder if this was sartorially appropriate.  But then I remembered Mike's slogan about it being the best unstuffy hotel in the world and that decided me.  Shaving equals stuffiness.  Unstuffy and hirsuite it should be!  I thought Stuart, at least would understand- as long as I have known him he has sported a beard.  To my surprise, when James and I arrived at his house to pick him up, he was clean shaven for the first time since I first met him forty years ago!

Last week, you may recall, Bryan had planned to cycle to the Linthwaite before realising he could not join us.  No such problem today.  So the five of us tucked into the sausage butties that Mike had had prepared for us as a precursor to our expedition.

The Linthwaite House Hotel

Suitably fed, we set off down to the Bowness jetty, passing through the Belsfield Hotel on the way as a short cut!

The Belsfield Hotel

Bowness Bay

The steamer Swan duly arrived on time and was rather fuller than last week.  Maybe it was the nice day or maybe it was the large Japanese contingent, no doubt on a Beatrix Potter homage visit.

Looking north

Gummer's How

On arrival at Lakeside, it had been my plan to walk round the Newby Bridge end of the lake but, to be fair, it would have been a bit of a road slog and someone had a better plan.  Why not catch the ferry across to Fell Foot?  

The Ferry arrives

So we did, which also meant that Mike and James had time to wind up the proprietor of the Lakeside Hotel before our departure.

Meet the management: Lakeside Hotel

Comitibus:  Fell Foot Ferry

Gummer's How from near Fell Foot

At Fell Foot we found a climbing wall lying on its side on a lorry.  Even so, it seemed to provide a challenge for Mike and Bryan!

The climbing wall!!

At last, probably a BOOTboys record in lateness, our walk in proper started with the ascent of Gummerís How. This is a hill that holds a special place in my affections.  It really is a mountain in miniature, especially when you start at the car park near the top of Fell Foot Brow. An excellent introduction to the hills for young children. Only just over 300 feet of climbing if you do it that way but you feel as if you have really achieved something.

Strangely, I have very few photos of our earlier ascents although here is one from 2003 showing my old university pal Tim with his wife Margaret posing with me near the summit.  

Tim is an occasional BOOTboy, his outings with us being limited by the inconvenient fact that he lives near Bournemouth!

Today, Timless, we undertook the climb from lake level which makes the effort and the achievement all the greater.      

Gummer's How, 2003 style with Tim & Margaret

Looking west from Gummer's How

Looking south from Gummer's How

Comitibus:  Gummer's How

Reception committee: Gummer's How

Having explored the summit area for the view and a team picture, my plan was to find the footpath that ran north into Bare Allotment and then Blake Home Plantation.  However we seemed to be encountering some very boggy ground and, in circumventing it, we circled too far south.  I was not too disappointed as the map showed a reservoir, large but unnamed, and I was quite interested to see it.  

The Armageddon territory

The reservoir

Once there (having passed through some Armageddon territory), we discovered that there was a permissive footpath through the grounds so we followed it into denser and denser woods.  It seemed to be going too far east for our liking so we needed to check progress and in so doing encountered a BOOTboys first.  The wood was too dense to rely on GPS so we had to fall back on old technology- a magnetic compass!  

The dense wood and.....

..... the map and compass

This helped confirm our route and we negotiated our way successfully through the forest, out into open countryside and a proper footpath.  It was a good job Tony was not with us as it was now way past our lunch time, never mind his, so we stopped to eat with magnificent views to the west, north and east.

Lunch stop panorama

Thereafter, it was a relatively straightforward task to navigate broadly northwards past Moor How and, Ghyll Head Reservoir.

Ghyll Head Reservoir, south end

Ghyll Head Reservoir, north end

Next was the rather impressive development of Rosthwaite Farm, with its flowers, statues and pond.




Another statue

After Bellman Ground we turned north east to Barker Knott Farm with a washing display photographed for Margaret!

Barker Knott Farm washing

Finally we continued northwards to Lindeth and back to the Linthwaite House Hotel where Mike kindly provided tea and cake on the terrace.

The East Side Story had been a good one; it had been an excellent day out and our thanks go to Mike for his hospitality.

Don, 13th July 2011







Thursday 13th July

Distance in miles:

17.2 (10.5 on foot)

Height climbed in feet:



Gummer's How (Outlying Fells)

Other Features:

Lake Windermere


Bryan, Don, James, Mike, Stuart F


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