BB1123 : The First Indecision Outing

Wednesday 24th August 2011

Indecision ruled this week.  Wednesday or Thursday? The voting was evenly split.  In the end, not wishing to exercise a casting vote, we ended up with two outings of different characteristics and characters!

Today, the aim was to walk from Ambleside over Wansfell then down to Orrest Head and back to the Linthwaite House Hotel where the car would be left.

Stan accordingly drove Bryan and me to the Linthwaite where we met Mike and walked down to Bowness Pier in time to catch the open topped bus to Ambleside.

On the bus

Tim Farron, MP

On alighting from the bus whom should we see but our local MP, Tim Farron, holding his Summer Tour “surgery” in the open air at the bus station.  What a shame James wasn’t with us to engage him in conflict!  Verbal of course!

Our route lay alongside the Stockghyll Force waterfall and then out on to the fell and straight up the hill.  

Stockghyll Force

Wansfell, just visible

Given that we were all a bit rusty, I thought we made a good fist of reaching the Wansfell top despite the somewhat inclement conditions.

Lake Windermere from Wansfell

After descending by Nanny Lane to Troutbeck we had lunch sat on a bench in the church yard.

Comitibus:  Troutbeck

Troutbeck Church

Next, we crossed the road and climbed to find the Longmire Road track.  We then crossed the Moorhowe Road and followed the footpath to Near Orrest where the derelict barns are now being converted.  

Orrest Head comes into view

From here it was an easy climb up to Orrest Head, another splendid view point.

The view from Orrest Head

I remembered 2007 when Margaret and I had climbed it to watch the Red Arrows.

Red Arrows from Orrest Head

I recall one particular move where they flew in convoy down the lake and one peeled off right over to Coniston Old Man.  What we didn’t realise was that another had peeled off left and a few seconds later attacked from the rear, clearing us by what seemed only a few feet with a tremendous roar.  No such excitement today!

Our route thereonwards took in part of the Westmorland Way and part of the Dales Way, both of which I had covered with Margaret some time back. The railway line was crossed near to the remarkable Gill Droomer Stile garden.

Gill Droomer Stile garden

In fact, the last couple of miles were in pretty heavy rain.  However, Mike and I agreed that it always seems worse when looking out at it from indoors than it does when you are actually in it.  In fact, it was almost enjoyable!  And finding road signs with strange running men on them certainly enlivened the final section back to the Linthwaite!  

Two mystery man signs

What does it mean

Can anyone throw any light onto why they are there and what they signify?

Finally, a round of applause for my old uni pal and occasional BOOTboy, Tim, who has just climbed Kilimanjaro.  He wrote:

Well, I'm back and did make it to the top.  The attached photo shows me totally kn****d after 8 hours of climbing which started at midnight.  After a (very) brief rest we had to descend over 2,000m, pausing only at our last camp for a brief meal - we eventually stopped for the day at 5:00pm after 17 hours of 'exercise'  12 out of the 15 of us made it and I know our chief guide was quite impressed given the average age of the group (if it hadn't been for 2 'youngsters' of 40, the average age would have been almost 60!).

More importantly, it looks as though we will have raised about £7,000 for Julia's House (the only children's hospice in Dorset).

Well done, Tim.

Don, 24th August 2011

PS  For Mike's take on BB1122 see The Last Ciabatta Beefburger.


Terry C subsequently contacted me to say:

Thanks, Don.  This one particularly reminded me of:

  • The spectacular view over Windermere. It's a long time since I did the Wansfell walk.
  • Kilimanjaro. 1995 and what an experience; coincidentally out of 14 in our party only the 2 youngest (in their 20's) didn't make it.
  • How talented the Red Arrows are and what a tragedy last week.

Keep up the great BB editions and one day I'll be 'free' to join you.

Terry, we look forward to you being with us!




Wednesday 24th August

Distance in miles:

10.6 (plus 7 on bus!)

Height climbed in feet:




Other Features:

Orrest Heads


Bryan, Don, Mike, Stan


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