BB1124 : The Second Indecision Outing

Thursday 25th August 2011

Readers of BB1123 will recall that we were undecided whether to go out on Wednesday on Thursday and in the end decided to do both!  This second BOOTboys outing had a completely different team other than me.  Accordingly, it promised to be rather gentler and, fortunately, with considerably better weather.

Pete picked me up and drove to Tony’s house.  Whilst we were waiting for him,  Pete decided to demonstrate how much better was his reversing bleeper compared with that on my Subaru.  This is how it sounded:


The latter noise was that of the Audi hitting Tony’s garden wall!  
Yes, a much better system!

The final pick up was John S who had planned today’s route, although it was a familiar one around Kentmere- see BB1111.

Kentmere valley from the top of Browfoot Lane

We parked at the top of Browfoot Lane then headed down the road to Browfoot Farm (with its washing) before turning left, following the River Kent upstream to the photo bridge.

 Browfoot washing!

Comitibus:  Kentmere

Tony engaged a young lass in conversation.  It turned out that he wasn't chatting her up but was enquiring as to what she and another were doing in the river?  It transpired to be some kind of fish survey- they stun the fish in order to count them.

Or was it identify them?  Or to give them pet names?  I forget.  Maybe it was to eat them!

The fish stunner

Danger: filter manufacturers!

Further along is the factory which is now a home for Hollingsworth & Vose who are manufacturers of non-woven air filters for cars and other machines.  Doing alright according to the person of whom I enquired.  

After passing Kentmere Tarn, we lunched just before Kentmere Hall.  After a long rest overlooking the valley, we gave the Pele Tower and their sheep a good coat of looking at.

Kentmere tarn

Kentmere Hall and Pele Tower

Kentmere Church and valley

Kentmere sheep

The route then climbed gradually up onto the fell.  

Kentmere Tarn and lower valley as seen on the climb

As we made our way around the moorland track back towards the car, we could see a small bump on the horizon just left of Heysham power station and wondered what it was?

What is the bump in the middle?

Later analysis suggests that it is Whitbarrow.  Can anyone confirm this?

Don, 25th August 2011




Thursday 25th August

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:




Other Features:



Don, John S, Pete, Tony


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