BOOTboys 2021

BOOTboys: Old Men Walking and doing other daft things.

BB2101 : Where's the Point?
Wednesday 6th January 2101
Local trigpoints

BB2102 : Postman Pat's and Other Boxes
Tuesday 12th January 2101
Post Boxes Near Kendal

BB2103 : O, The Things You'll Find By The Side Of The Road
Sunnday 17th to Thursday 21st January 2101
Things by the side of the road

BB2104 : For Auld Lang Syne
Monday 25th January 2021
Things more than ten feet above the ground

BB2105 : BOOTboys GROUNDhog Days
Monday 1st - Thursday 4th February 2101
Old Things: New Uses

BB2106 : Lucky for Some!
Monday 8th - Thursday 11th Febuary 2021
The Bard of Fullerton

BB2107 : Victor Ludurum
Monday 15th - Thursday 18th February 2021

BB2108 : Birds and Other Creatures

Sunday 21st - Thursday 25th Febuary 2021
Birds and Other Creatures

BB2109 : Doing it by Numbers
Sunday 28th February -  Thursday 4th March
Small, Large and Other Numbers

BB2110 : Say It With Flowers
Sunday 7th - Thursday 11th March 2021
Real, Artificial or Pictorial Flowers

BB2111 : The Orange and the Green
Wednesday 17th March 2021
St Patrick's Day

BB2112 : Doors, Windows and Gates
Monday 21st - Thursday 26th March 2021
Doors, Windows and Gates

BB2113 : Relive Whitbarrow
Wednesday 30th March 2021
Whitbarrow Scar

BB2114 : A Gourmet Walk
Thursday 31st March 2021

BB2115 : The Westmorland Liberation Army
Wednesday 7th April 2021
Sour Howes, Sallows

BB2116 : Terry had a little Lamb

Wednesday 14th April 2021

BB2117 : The Rule of Six

Thursday 22nd April 2021
Wansfell, Baystones

BB2118 : It's not the path we follow.....
Thursday 29th April 2021
Gummers How

BB2119 : All the Fun of the Fair
Thursday 6th May 2021
Helsington Barrow

BB2120 : All's Well That Ends Well
Thursday 13th May 2021
Tarn Crag, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag

BB2121 : Skeggling
Wednesday 19th May 2021
Reston Scar, Skeggles Water

BB2122 : Sound An Alarm
Wednesday 26th May 2021
Hawes Water, Fair Steps

BB2123 : Ten Knobbly Knees
Wednesday 2nd June 2021
Farleton Knott

BB2124 : Not Just Jericho & the Compression Vest Wednesday 9th June 2021

BB2125 : Can You See Our House?
Thursday 17th June 2021
Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick

BB2126 : Where Are We?
Thursday 25th June 2021
Crookdale Round, Harrop Pike

BB2127 : Was it Dvořák’s 9th Symphony?
Wednesday 7th July 2021
The Calf, Cautley Spout

BB2128 : Life Understood Backwards?
Thursday 15th July 2021

BB2129 : Mission Accomplished
Wednesday 4th August 2021
Sour Howes, Sallows

BB2130 : Ding Dong!
Thursday 19th August 2021
Orton Scar, Great Asby Scar

BB2131 : A Cat and Dog Story
Tuesday 24th August 2021
Middleton Fell, Calf Top

BB2132 : Ahay and the Pepperpot
Thursday 2nd September 2021
Akay, Rivers Rawthey & Lune

BB2133 : Back On Track?
Tuesday 7th September 2021
Great End, Esk Pike

BB2134 : You Pays Your Money.....
Thursday 16th September 2021
Bessyboot, Glaramara, Allen Crags, Seathwaite Fell

BB2135 : It's Been A Long Time Coming
Thursday 21st October 2021
Helsington Barrow, Scout Scar

BB2136 : The Old Men at Coniston
Wednesday 2nd November 2021
Coniston Motorcycles and Motorboats

BB2137 : The Kings of Lancashire
Wednesday 10th November 2021
Gragareth, Green Hill, Great Comb, Crag Hill

BB2138 : Eccentic and Nomadic
Wednesday 17th November 2021
Birds Park Reservoir

BB2139 : Thanksgiving Day
Thursday 26th November 2021

BB2140 : In Search Of A Handsome Man
Thursday 16th December 2021
Gurnal Dubbs, Potter Tarn

BB2141 : Five Miles and a Pint!
Tuesday 21st December 2021
Derby Arms


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