BB1133 : Ol' Men Rovin'   

Wednesday 9th November 2011

I awoke yesterday with a cold that had gone down to my voicebox.  

Actually, I find this to be the most enjoyable part of a cold.  Mine always seem to follow the same pattern. They start off in the top of my head and I feel bad but it isnít noticeable to anyone else so sympathy is missing.

Next it drops to my nose and throat which get bunged up and uncomfortable at which point it becomes obvious to observers.  However, I feel a lot better so the sympathy comes when I am recovering enough to enjoy it!

Then the cold descends to my voicebox and for a short period my high pitched squeak is transformed into an impersonation of Paul Robeson.  When it happened this time, it set me thinking about a BOOTboys version of Olí Man River:

Paul Robeson

Old men rovin'
Dem ol' men rovin'
Dey mus' know sumpn'
But don't do nuthin'
Dey jes' keeps rovin'
Dey keeps on rollin' along

Today's rovin' plan kept changing, partly due to the weather forecast which, this year, seems to have been much more variable than usual as the big day approaches.  Also some were under time constraints which limited the opportunity for exploration further afield.

In the end we opted to start and finish at the Strickland Arms, which might or might not provide the opportunity for us to "get a little drink and down your ale".

Strickland Arms- closed

Low Sizergh Farm

Off we set, under the link road and through the Low Sizergh Farm, resisting the temptation to stop for a coffee in the Barn Shop. We wandered down the farm walk (with its Little Folk) and then through the old gunpowder factory caravan(less) site to the river.

Big and little folk

River Kent

North towards Kendal was the direction we took, along the old factory waterway workings, past some memorial flowers, until reaching a newish sign telling us to keep out of the field.  I don't know what the legal position is but I have been walking along the river here for thirty years or so (and I was hardly the first) and indeed new stiles were put in only a few years ago.  Consequently it is my view that this new sign has no validity and that a public right of way has been established by long precedent.  

Anyway, what harm were we doing?

The memorial flowers

James defying the sign

At the other end of the no go area is a short boggy woodland area with a splendid view of the river as it dashes through the limestone rocks under the Hawes Lane bridge.

Hawes Lane bridge

Helsington Laithes

We continued along the river bank, sadly not seeing any kingfishers, until Scroggs Lane where we turned left up to and across the A6 on the outskirts of Kendal.  As we passed Helsington Laithes and became momentarily confused as to which of two paths to take, who should we see but Sue W who, many years ago, used to work with Stan and me as our company tax accountant.  She soon put us on the right path (as she had done many a time in our working days).

At Lane Head was a LandRover graveyard and an unusually decorated caravan which led us to wondering who might live in it..

The LandRover graveyard

Who lives in a house like this?

Brigsteer Road horses

After crossing under the link road, we soon arrived at Brigsteer Road and walked across the old racecourse into Bradleyfield.  Here we met a couple, Graham and Hilary, who were not quite sure which way to go so I gave them the benefit of my local knowledge and, somewhat to Stan's irritation, took them the wrong and long way up to the Mushroom.  

Engaging them in conversation, I soon discovered that Graham and I had attended the same Primary School in North Reddish, Stockport at the same time. although he was a couple of years ahead of me.  

We reminisced about Pop West, the headmaster, and Old Ma Pass, who took the fourth year, and various other people that we knew in common. I forgot to ask him if he remembered Miss Burnett who wore those cute little bootees!

And he is a blue! 1 - 6 !!!

Comitibus:  Scout Scar with new friends

Like me, they were long retired and making the most of the opportunities to get out into the hills.  

Dey don' plan workin'
Dey don' plan nuthin',
An' dem dat plans 'em
is soon forgotten,
But ol' men rovin'
Dey keeps on rollin' along

They joined us for an early lunch and team picture at the Mushroom then we went our separate ways.  

Mike and James were setting a cracking pace heading south but Stan and I knew we could always reel them in on the hilly bits.  Arnside Knott look quite atmospheric in the distance.

Arnside Knott

We stormed along Helsington Barrow and past Helsington church.  Lower down there was a distinct stone in a field which looked as if it had a story to tell but what that might be we could only guess.  Eventually we reached Sizergh Castle where there was a group attempting to repair a dry stone wall, although Stan was fiercely critical of their technique, or lack of it.

The stone with the unknown story

Walling apprentices

There was also an interesting display of carved creatures, presumably for sale.
Or guard duty!

Sizergh guards

Snail's view of Sizergh Castle

Strickland Arms- open

Stan found a bird hide in which he wanted to linger but Mike and James had raced off by then, no doubt intending to be first back to the pub.  They failed.  Thanks to a sneaky detour and an unexpected turn of speed, I just beat James to the cattle grid and was rewarded a few yards later at the now open Strickland Arms with the opportunity to pay for the beers.

You an' me, we sweat an' strain,
Body all achin' an' racket wid pain,
Clim' dat crag!
Dahn dat dale!
Git a little drink
An' dahn your ale

Much of the terrain over which we had rambled was very familiar to us and it was not the greatest day on which to take advantage of the splendid views from the Scars.  But it had been a satisfying outing with a bit of a difference in meeting up with someone from the old school.  

James and I could easily have been tempted to linger longer at the pub but wiser counsel prevailed.

Ah gits weary
An' sick of tryin'
Ah'm tired of drinkin'
An' skeered of payin'
But ol' men rovin'
Dey keeps on rollin' along


Don, 9th November 2011

Arnside Knott after a few beers!





Wednesday 9th November

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:


Wainwrights (Outlying Fells):

Scout Scar

Other Features:

North Reddish Primary School


Don, James, Mike, Stan



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